Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Election Day Predictions 11-05-2013

So, it's an off year election across the nation! In thousands of municipalities, voters are selecting candidates most have never even heard of. I've already voted this morning in my home town of Emmaus and was voter #29 at Precinct 1. Here's how I think things will shake out here in Pennsylvania and in some of the more noteworthy races around the Country:

Virginia Governor- Terry McAullife by 6

New Jersey Governor- Christie by 25

Alabama 1st Congressional District GOP Primary Run off- Bradley Byrne wins by a bigger margin than most think. "Tea Party" Dean Young has been a one-note samba on gays being a threat to America. Um...what? I think the bigger threat is out of control Government spending. This will be seen as a rebuke of the Tea Party (as will Virginia). It isn't (neither is Virginia).

Pennsylvania Superior Court- Jack McVay Jr. (D) by 4. I voted for him. Just couldn't bring myself to vote for Vic Stabile.

Lehigh County Executive- Scott Ott (R) by 4, but that's only a guess. Higher than normal D turnout in Lower Macungie Twp and Parkland School District -could- push Muller over the top. If that happens, God help us...

Lehigh County Commissioner District 5- Wes Barrett (D) defeats Mike Schware by 3%. I really hope I'm wrong on this one but Wes has run an excellent campaign.

East Penn School Board- Alan Earnshaw and Rebecca Heid win another term and are joined by Chris Donatelli and Garrett Rhoads. Incumbent Francee Fuller will then be appointed to fill out the remainder of my School Board term (2015).

Emmaus Borough Council- Wes Barrett (D), Roy Anders (D), and Brent Labenberg (R) all win.

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