Tuesday, October 15, 2013

I'm Leaving It As I Found It. Take Over, It's Yours

For the last 6 years, I have fought to bring a taxpayer friendly majority to the East Penn School Board. Regardless of what happens in the election this November, I will have failed in that effort. In the past 20 years, East Penn residents have seen their community and way of life change dramatically. I do not believe it has been for the better. In another few years, long-time citizens of Emmaus will hardly recognize their home town.

Part of this change has come as a result of vehement and venomous elections for School Board and Borough Council during which those who claim to stand for community and justice play the dirtiest politics imaginable.

Since I was first elected to the School Board in 2007, a certain group of citizens have attempted to recall me (recall elections are not allowed in Pennsylvania), lied about my voting record, demanded my resignation, failed to defeat me in my 2011 re-election bid, and accused me of everything short of having sex with farm animals (for the record, I deny that too). I'm a big boy (all 6'1 and 240 lbs of me), I can take it. I can take the heat, slings, and arrows. As an elected official, I am fair game (for even those who play unfairly). That said, I am announcing my resignation as a member of the East Penn School Board of Directors, effective immediately.

It is one thing to attack me, it is quite another to attack those I love. Over the past few days, an online personality identifying herself only as "Anna Karina" has continued her cyber assault not only on me, but also on the woman who happens to be the love of my life.

When we first met five years ago, I made a calculated decision to pursue political goals rather than be with her, because she was a student at Emmaus High School at the time. Doing so was a mistake and it is not a mistake that I will repeat. Some day, I may regret not having those five years together.

Serving on the East Penn School Board has been everything from an honor to pure hell depending on the time. I enjoyed every minute of it.

In closing, let me just say...

Brother, you asked for it!

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