Sunday, October 13, 2013

Everything You've Never Wanted to Know About My Personal Life But "Anna" Felt the Need to Talk About Anyway

I attract a special breed of crazy. Since the debacle regarding my comments on Twitter back in March, someone calling herself "Anna Karina" has stalked my every post online, going back more than half a decade. I don't know who the individual is. What I DO know is it is someone I went to High School with. If you think I'm insufferable, pompous, and obnoxious now, you should have seen me back then... She commented on another blog that I was weird enough at age 17 "wander around singing". Sometimes the monsters in our lives are of our own making. "Anna Karina" is certainly one of mine. "Anna" has stalked me at my place of employment, taken my picture, accused me of being a drunk, mentally ill (specifically "bipolar"), and corruption. I have periodically considered retaining an attorney, filing a subpoena (I know someone who knows who "she" really is) and suing her.

A little over a month and a half ago, a former girlfriend, Amanda Hein, made headlines by giving birth to a child in the bathroom of Starters Pub in Saucon Valley and killing him. I did not publicly comment on the incident which "Anna" apparently thought was suspicious enough to warrant going through Amanda's Facebook pictures where she found one of us together at a fundraiser to pay the hospital bills for her step mother. I'll go into my perspective on Amanda Hein another time. I'll say this for now, she is not evil. She needs help. I hope, in her case, the justice system works correctly for once.

Right around the same time, Anna and her online accomplice, Kevin Chang, made contact with another former girlfriend. I will not mention her name here, though she has certainly brought herself into this. Either directly from her or through a google search using her name, they found my old account at which included a photo of me shirtless. Why I ever thought a shirtless picture was a good idea, I'm not sure (ew!) I had a account since 2005 or 2006 (I was 17 or 18) and I freely admit the account was "active" as late as last year (I was 24). When I became aware that it was about to be used against me, I went back and deleted the account.

I didn't hit the delete button quite fast enough. "Anna" grabbed a few screenshots. Her own screenshots show the account has not been active in over a year now. I said via another online forum, if she had evidence of criminal activity (there was none), she should report it to the police. That was a month and a half ago. "Anna" hates me with such a burning ferocity that, if I had done anything criminal, I'd be in handcuffs by now.

While it is named "" there are lots of 20-somethings on the site. I did periodically talk to people under the age of 18, which Anna has dug up as well. The last time I had a relationship of any sort with someone from Teenspot was a date in late 2011 with a girl who was 19 or 20. She was good company but it didn't make seeing the third Twilight movie any more bearable.

The individual who led "Anna" to Teenspot is an ex-girlfriend whom I first began talking to when I was 20 and she was 16. We dated from 2009 through early 2011 when I finally broke up with her. She moved from Texas to the Lehigh Valley to go to College (DeSales University, where I dropped out in 2008). She attended Tea Party meetings with me, went to my school board meetings, and even ran for and won a term on the Republican County Committee. At almost no point in the relationship was I faithful. I loved her very much, but I was not in love with her. I should have ended it long before I did, but I was afraid of hurting her. In the process, I believe I hurt her more than if I had been honest earlier on. Then again, if she had not moved to the Lehigh Valley, she never would have met her fiance. She is still feeling jilted, and I understand that.  Unfortunately, she is sending my former fiancee harassing anonymous text messages. I cannot prove it is her, but I know it is. The timing is too precise. The texts began back in 2011 when I broke up with her. They resurfaced at the same time "Anna" discovered my Teenspot account and again today when she fed "Anna" a conversation that I had with my current girlfriend back in 2009.

I first met my girlfriend, Sahrin Holderman, back in 2008 at an end-of-school-term party held by some mutual friends (the sort of party where there's cake and singing, not alcohol and drunken sex). I remember the moment we met perfectly. I walked into the room and she was curled up on the lap of one of our friends. We made eye contact. If there is such thing as love at first sight, that was it. We became friends on Facebook and, a few days later, met at "True Blue" where I bought her a cup of coffee. We sat, talked, and I walked her home. This was the start of a four month relationship (I was 20). Her mother knew of our relationship, my age, and position and I received her approval. We eventually broke up because, among other things, she was an Emmaus High School student and I, of course, a sitting school board director. I've been regaled with many a tale of teachers bashing me in class in front of students. Now they know that I know. So much for "educating". At any rate, the relationship never became sexual in nature.

I never stopped loving her. In May of this year, I found out the feeling was mutual. I've never been happier. I don't need or want anyone else.

There are other people I met on Teenspot that I still talk to from time to time. All are now in their 20's. I should never have maintained my account there as long as I did, but even my attackers acknowledge it has not been active in over a year and they have no evidence of criminal behavior. For a time, logging on became as much a force of habit as Facebook...and I had a Teenspot account before I had Facebook.

For my opponents, this is not about the fact that I had the account, this is about the election this November. They sat on their "evidence" for a month and a half and waited til now to unveil it. Failed State House candidate and Citizens-for-Strong-Communities front-man Patrick Slattery included "Anna's" hate-blog posts in an email to his supporters today to attack candidates running for School Board. For the dozenth time at least, Patrick, I am NOT part of any campaign for East Penn School Board this year. I'd like to remind you that I supported Slattery-endorsed Rebecca Heid back in 2009. Shouldn't she be forever tarred and feathered with my name as well? No, of course not, she votes with the board majority.

I expect there will be some calling for my resignation at Monday night's board meeting. I'm not going to resign. One of them, a Ms. Jessica Hughes, followed me on Twitter last night. I thanked her for the follow and the resulting conversation is as follows:

Jessica Hughes- I'm following you b/c I think you're disgusting and as a parent of a child in the EPSD I plan on attending the next school board mtg

Jessica Hughes- And fighting for you removal of office

Jessica Hughes-  So your (sic) welcome

Me-  I cannot help but wonder why that merits a follow? At any rate, full "Teenspot" disclosure will be posted on my blog tomorrow evening.

Jessica Hughes-  How about you referring to public education as "brain rotting" and students such as my son as "crotch fruit"

Jessica Hughes-  Since you believe this isn't really isn't "anything that matters" why don't you do parents that care a favor and make your "fake tweet

Jessica Hughes-  reaignation" (sic) a reality.

Jessica Hughes- You are immature and have no clue how hard being a parent is. I don't want an ignorant selfish twerp like yourself having any influence

Jessica Hughes- over my boys education. You are a disgrace and have a lot of growing up to do before you choose to run for anything that matters

Jessica Hughes- It merits a follow because I was interested in other potential inappropriate tweets/postings you made that I would be able to use to plead

Jessica Hughes-  my case in demanding your immediate removal

Me- I'll have a copy of your comments to read after your statement to the board on Monday. My tweets are open to the public, not just followers. (I will not be reading her comments tomorrow night. Posting them here will suffice)

Jessica Hughes- No worries I will let the entire room know about this conversation myself. Being a member of a school board is a privlage (sic) one you have so

Jessica Hughes- admimantly (sic) proven time after time that you no longer deserve. My son and every other child in the East Pemm (sic) SD deserves better
I'm not posting her words to try to bully or intimidate her or prevent her from speaking, merely using her to show how unhinged my opponents are. Their problem is with my politics. That is all this is about.

Let it be known that this will be my last term as a member of the East Penn School Board. My Raison d'ĂȘtre has been to stay on long enough to become part of a board that would responsibly negotiate a contract with the Teachers and force a contract that would be more friendly to Taxpayers than to the Union. Come 2015 when both the Union contract and my term are up, there will not be a majority on the board with the spine to stand up to the Union, let them strike, and show who's really "For the Children". The results of the election this November are irrelevant. Two terms is enough. It's important to me that I not be sitting on the board when I'm 30.

When I came home from work today, my darling girlfriend wrapped her arms around me, hugged me tight, and said "why can't they just leave you alone?" I replied "because I stand for something, loudly and proudly." I will continue to do so. I will not resign. I'm eccentric, opinionated, a curmudgeonly sonofabitch, and sometimes, just plain weird. That makes people uncomfortable. Good. I like afflicting the comfortable. Especially Unions.

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