Monday, September 2, 2013

If We Can Bust the Unions, Everything's Gonna Start Going Our Way

A week or so ago, I re-watched the Tom Hanks-Julia Roberts "Let's-Strip-Ronald-Reagan-of-Credit-For-Winning-the-Cold-War" agenda film "Charlie Wilson's War". Despite the dubious motives for the film's creation, I rather enjoy it and it has some fantastic one-liners. Among my favorites is:
"If we can help them shoot down the goddamn helicopters, everything's gonna start going our way."
As today was Labor Day, it occurred to me that Scott Walker and Wisconsin have shown a similar line of plain, obvious, and effective reform to help restart the economic machine of America: If we can bust the Unions, everything's gonna start going our way.

For decades, public sector Unions have crushed the taxpayers by demanding ever higher taxes to pay their way-out-of-line salary and benefits. Governor Walker all but made public sector Unions illegal and his state is seeing unprecedented economic growth.

As a reward for his courage in pushing this landmark legislation, Governor Walker was re-elected during last year's recall effort despite national Union groups throwing everything they had at him. The taxpayers of Wisconsin, the birthplace of modern Progressivism, know that Scott Walker did right by them. He looks well poised to win re-election next year.

Across the country, including in my native Pennsylvania, "moderate" Republican Governors and legislators have cowered in fear of "Union power" and, with few exceptions, they have failed to follow Wisconsin's lead. PA Governor Tom Corbett is paying the price for his do-nothing term in office and he looks likely to lose re-election next year in landslide fashion.

While we know what public sector Unions have done to taxes and debt, many are more timorous about taking on private sector Unions. After all, they do have a Constitutional right to freedom of association. Indeed they do, as do those of us who have no wish to belong to a Union and be part of their Collectivist agenda. That's where Right to Work laws come in.

Private sector Unions have a right to exist. We have a right to examine what they have done to America. They have destroyed the American auto industry and driven millions of working-class jobs overseas. Corporations have the right to turn a profit and Unions have paralyzed private industry with unsustainable wages for low-skill jobs. As a result, they have caused their own demise. A record low of 7% of the American workforce currently belongs to a Union and frankly, that number is more than WANT to belong to a Union.

In many states, like my home of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, we have "closed shop" laws where, if you work in a company that has a Union, you must pay dues to the Union regardless of whether or not you wish to join. If you do not want full Union membership, you are required to pay your "fair share" (usually about 80-90% of the full membership cost). There is nothing fair about forcing workers to pay membership to any political organization and that is exactly what Unions are.

Right to Work laws, as have been passed in Indiana and Michigan, allow workers to take jobs in Union shops and choose whether they wish to belong or not. This is true freedom of association and choice. The reason Unions oppose this and call it "Union Busting" is because they know that if people are given the right to choose, even less than the current 7% of the US population will opt to be Union members. An additional benefit of Right to Work status for a state is they become magnets for business looking to flee high-regulation, closed shop states.

Unions have damaged the great country that America once was (and can be again). As a result, they are facing extinction. They still have a stranglehold on most American taxpayers and many large companies in the private sector. If Republicans will lead the way to freedom of association and economic prosperity and pass laws to break the Unions, everything will start going America's way.

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