Monday, September 9, 2013

9-9-2013 East Penn School Board Meeting Summary

1.)  Call to Order; Pledge of Allegiance

2.) Oath of Office: Mrs. Kristen Campbell, Assistant Superintendent
The Hon. Judge Doug Reichley administered her Oath of Office. Was good to have Doug with us.

3.)  Requests to Address the Board- East Penn School Board Candidate Chris Donatelli addressed the Board about the Rifle Team's omission from the 2012-2013 East Penn School District Yearbook and demanded to know why and to have it made right for the kids that were a part of the team. His son was a member of the team which had a highly successful year and by every right, should have been recognized in the yearbook. That said, I suspect the omission had to do with sensitivity to school shootings. It shouldn't have been done but I'm highly skeptical that any restitution will take place, unfortunately.

4.) Approval of Minutes- This item was approved unanimously

5.) Report of the Superintendent of Schools-
   1.) District Update- Dr. Seidenberger reported a drop in the number of East Penn Students leaving for Charter Schools. He attributed this to the bad (and in his opinion, deserved) press that Cyber Charter Schools have received of late as a result of a full court press from the Educrat Community in Pennsylvania. He also discussed the possible future expansion of East Penn's own in-house cyber program, of which I am a firm supporter. This may result in the creation of blended brick-and-mortar and cyber educational programs that will be made available district-wide. This is why I am such a firm advocate of School Choice outside of Public Education. It forces us to grow and adapt. Competition is good, even if the established order doesn't like it.
   2.) Personnel- This item was approved unanimously

6.) Other Educational Entities
-Carbon Lehigh Intermediate Unit
-Lehigh Career and Technical Institute

7.) Policy: Final Adoption Board Policy 206- This item was approved unanimously.

8.) Business Operations
   1.) Approval of Bill List- This item was approved by 7-0 with one abstention (Lynn Donches) Board President Ballard was absent.
   2.) Investment of Funds- This item was approved unanimously
   3.) Facility Rental- This item was approved unanimously
   4.) Disbursement of Funds- This item was approved unanimously

9.) Announcements

10.) Adjourn!

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