Thursday, August 1, 2013

The Wit and Wisdom of My Opponents

My opponents have put together an adorable little hate blog and twitter account to, I suppose, attempt to bully me into silence. Yeah, not happening any time soon. They've done a fine job of accusing me of everything from being a drunk and having a learning disability to calling for violent revolution (I'm not calling for it but it's only a matter of time...)

They've attacked and slandered my loved ones, ex girlfriend(s), and even stalked me at my place of employment. Let me share some of their genius with you here:

In which they suggest that I intend to commit violence against others.
...and again here.
...and again here (complete with insinuations about me being lacking in my manhood. I can at least be sure it's not a jilted ex-girlfriend!)

Insinuating that I'm a drunk while also talking about my family. My personal favorite, stalking me while I'm at work.

That's not all! On their adorable little twitter account, a "gentleman" calling himself "Kevin Chang" (there is no Kevin Chang that lives in the East Penn School District) promotes their blog to his 13 followers. Here are a few gems of his tweets.

(Oh, I don't know, Emancipation proclaimation? Pass the Civil Rights Act?)

One of "Kevin Chang's" biggest fans? Why our very own local Organizing for Amerika Aktivist, Hillary Smith who was being TOTALLY impartial and outraged without any ideological reason when she called for my resignation. Treats from her recently unprivated twitter account, @MacungieDems

Well, Ms. Smith. I'm an unapologetic Conservative. Get over it. Also, you're not a liberal. You're a Progressive. John Locke was a Liberal. What you want to do is destroy the Constitution and system that this Nation was founded upon. For the last century or so, your side has been winning. I hope you like where you're leading America.

I suppose the point of these blogs and twitter accounts is that I should be ashamed of who I am, what I say, who I love, or what I believe. Well, I'm not and to prove it, a link to their twitter accounts and blog has been added to my links at the sidebar of this website.

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