Thursday, August 8, 2013

Dear City of Allentown, You're kidding, right?

The change of seasons is upon us and it has given me the desire to clean out my closets and get rid of clothes that I either can no longer wear because they don't fit, or just clothes that I know full well I'll never wear again.

I stopped by the Salvation Army in Allentown to donate my clothes to those who need them. This is what I was met with:

Parking meters? Really? Not a hardship for me, certainly. I can spare the quarter and a dime my visit required, but those in need of the Salvation Army's services or wishing to donate their time to a good cause should not have to pay to park.

I realize the privilege of parking there may be abused by visitors to the taxpayer-funded hockey arena currently being contructed a few blocks away, but the city should not levy a fee against those wanting to help or in need of help.

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