Thursday, August 8, 2013

8-12-2013 East Penn School Board Meeting Agenda and Planned Votes

1.) Call to Order; Pledge of Allegiance

2.) Requests to Address the Board

3.) Report of the Superintendent-
   1.) District Update
   2.) Personnel- I plan to vote in favor of this item
   3.) Performace Objectives for Central Office Team- I plan to vote in favor of this item
   4.) Approval of Naviance Contract- I tentatively plan to vote in favor of this item

4.) Legislative-
   1.) Voting Delegates for Delegate Assembly (to the Pennsylvania School Board Assocation)- I will abstain from voting on this item as I do not support the continued involvement of the EPSD as part of the PSBA. I believe that money could be better spent...anywhere else or better still, not spent at all!

5.) Policy
   1.) Second Reading: Board Policy 116.1 Exceptions to Academic Sequence
   2.) First Reading: Board Policy 206- Assignment Within District
I wonder, where are the drafts of the proposed policy changes Ms. Donches submitted to the administration several months ago? I will inquire about this at the meeting.

6.) Business Operations
   1.) Approval of Bill List- I will continue to abstain on this item.
   2.) Interim Real Estate Tax Bills:
RESOLVED, That the East Penn Board of School Directors not issue interim real estate tax bills if the additional tax revenue to be generated would be less than $50.
I tentatively plan to vote against this measure UNLESS it would result in significant cost savings to the district.
   3.) Record of Investments- I tentatively plan to vote in favor of this item.
   4.) Food Services Management Contract- I'm not certain of how I will vote on this item. It will depend on how the discussion goes during the meeting. As of now, I am leaning towards abstaining on this item to be consistent with my prior abstention on the "Lunch Ladies" contract at a prior meeting.
   5.) Disbursement of Funds- I plan to vote in favor of this item.

7.) Announcements

8.) Adjourn!

The agenda is missing an "Approval of Minutes" which is fairly boiler plate and appears on every other agenda. I have been provided with a copy of the minutes from the last meeting. I emailed my fellow Board Members and the administration to alert them to what was, I suspect an oversight. I plan to vote in favor of approving the minutes.

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