Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Welcome to East Penn, Mr. Deely

The Stolz Report has learned that the East Penn Education Association and their useful flunkies like Patrick Slattery and Jane Fretz have a new ally in the EPSD. Kevin Deely has moved from the 131st House District where the pothead/Union Boss nearly unseated outstanding incumbent State Rep. Justin Simmons due to Presidential Democrat automaton turnout in the city of Allentown. He now resides in a nice cushy McMansion near Union Organizer Patrick "Slanderous" Slattery.

Mr. Deely did such a fine job of running the Easton Area School District Union that he actually managed to bankrupt the school district. Maybe he'll manage similar feat here in East Penn (or, perhaps he's just plotting a State Senate run against Pat Browne).

If he runs for East Penn School Board in 2015, I will absolutely seek another term. Bring it on, Kevin!

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