Sunday, July 7, 2013

The Real Me Part I- How I Became Interested in Public Service

A few weeks ago, I posted a promise on this blog that I would tell my side of the story and introduce "The Real Me". This will be the first in a series of posts in which I intend to accomplish that.

I wish the impetus for writing this particular installment had been different. On the Fourth of July, I took a different approach from my usual protocol of a moratorium on political attacks on major holidays. On the anniversary of our Nation's birth, it seemed wrong to stop attacking those on the left that are trying to change us more into the European collectivist form of Government that we rebelled against centuries ago.

Seems my opponents took notice. A "gentleman" calling himself "Kevin Chang" has taken over my old twitter handle "@Stolz4Emmaus". Though "he" posts in his bio that he is "Not Julian Stolz", the use of my former twitter name is clearly intended to mislead people in much the same way that "Anna Karina" formed "her" (I strongly suspect her and Kevin are the same person or, more likely group of people) own "Stolz Report" blog a day after I put up my own. When you google search my name, her blog pops up before mine. Clearly this is a use of the Progressive tactic of Googlebombing. It would concern me, but their posts have devolved into hysterical raving about everything from me getting a cold sore to trying to prove I'm a sexist because I tweeted a quote from the tv show, the Big Bang Theory.

My biggest concerns are that this blog and twitter account has taken to attacking my family members and loved ones.

It started by stalking me at my place of employment and taking my picture.

They posted a Google Earth picture of the home where my parents live.

They've attacked me because my significant other is a practicing Wiccan.
...and finally, claimed that I've never had a family member serve America.

That was the step too far for me. I finally had to respond. "@MacungieDems" aka Hillary Smith or "Parent of 3" when she's posting on the Morning Call forum gave "Kevin Chang" an "Amen!" for this tweet. I'd love to share it with you, but she's gone into her bunker and protected her tweets again. Unlike these despicable progressives, I have the guts to post under my own name, regardless of the controversy it may provoke.

I'm often asked why someone so young would choose to run for School Board. I don't yet have any children in the district. I do pay property taxes as part of my rent...more on my living situation another day.

I was inspired to public service and Conservative politics by my great grandfather who served as a Marine in WWII.

I was raised, since I was five years old (and eventually adopted), by my grandfather and step grandmother. Both of my parents suffered from drug addiction. As both my grandparents constantly worked (and both still do), I was frequently looked after by my great grandparents.

Often, before I went to bed at night, my great grandfather (Harold) told me stories of his service in WWII. I heard adventures about everything from being attacked by a wild boar in the Philippians, being on a ship under attack by Japanese planes and submarines, the finer points of eating K-rations, to fishing for sharks off the side of their ship using nothing but a grappling hook and some rope. I occasionally went to the VFW with him which I thought was just "the best restaurant" at the time because it had pizza. The Marine Hymn was one of the first songs I ever learned. He took me to Memorial Day parades and instilled a respect for all those who serve in our country's armed forces. Whenever I see a veteran wearing a uniform or a hat identifying their service, I make sure to stop and thank them.

Harold Billig is not just responsible for my love of country, he's also the reason I'm a Conservative today. Way back when Rush Limbaugh had a TV show, little Julian couldn't wait to watch it with his grandfather. Grandpa Harold was a lifelong registered Democrat but ideologically, he was Conservative. During the summer, when I would visit "Helen and Harold" up at their home in Nesquehoning, I would sit out on the porch with him for hours and join him in listening to Rush's radio show. I'm still a big Limbaugh fan to this day.

Harold started his life as a coalminer in Carbon County. His years in the mine eventually contributed to his death due to complications with his lungs. He served America in World War II and came home and served as Chief of Police for many years in rural, coal country Pennsylvania. He also was a School Board Director. Overwhelmingly popular with the community, he was asked to run and his first time out he was one of the top votegetters. Like me, he thought a bit too independently for the powers that be. He was voted out when he ran for a second term. He was never bitter about it. He had one of the kindest hearts of anyone I've ever known. He was just happy to serve

Harold taught me to fish, a hobby I enjoy to this day, and instilled a love of the outdoors with stories of hunting and fishing for trophies that sometimes got away and other times, ended up in the frying pan.

I like to think that grandpa Harold is one of the biggest influences in who I am today. I know myself well enough to think that my problems with authority would make me a danger to myself and others as part of America's armed services, but I try to fight on the battlefield of ideas for the America that my grandfather grew up in. No, I am in no way equating his courage of joining the military and fighting for his country with running for office but he is the reason that I became interested in politics at such a young age. 

Having family members insulted by cowards who refuse to post under their own name is,  unfortunately, too common in this day and age of polarized politics. I tend to just ignore the trolls but when they attack something they don't know, it was necessary to respond. Thank you for letting me share a bit of the real me with you.

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