Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Kommandant Ballard Causes Führer by Calling Herr Stolz und Fräu Donches Nazis and Bolsheviks

You may have noticed that I've changed my name on Twitter to "Stolz the Snake" (handle is still @TheStolzReport). The reason for that is at Monday's meeting, Board President Charles "Chuck" Ballard accused Ms. Donches and myself of being "snakes" who used the tactics of both Nikita Khrushchev's Russia and Nazi leaders such as Adolf Hitler...no, seriously.

I'm a proud Tea Party Snake

Ballard claimed that I was engaging in the propaganda tactic of demonizing my enemies by referring to them as *gasp* EDUCRATS. It's true, I do refer to Board Directors and the Teachers Union officials they align with as educrats...mostly because I know it ticks off Joe Hilliard who operates under the auspices of "Leadership for Liberty" when I uh...appropriate his terms. While many think of me as a far right reactionary who wants to set America back 100 years (they're not wrong...I wouldn't mind going back to having Presidents like Calvin Coolidge), Mr. Hilliard finds me to not be Conservative enough. He chooses to brand me a faux Conservative...but that's a story for another day.

Chucky went on to claim Lynn and I engaged in ambushing him and his fellow educrat board directors as well as ambushing the administration because we did not give them advanced notice of our respective proposed spending cuts.

Well, ok. I posted my proposed cuts and my revised proposed cuts in advance of the board meeting. Ms. Donches provided her first draft of proposed cuts at the meeting two weeks prior.

Mr. Ballard is a liar.

Ballard went on to claim that we also were engaged in the tactic "used by the writer of Mein Kampf" called "the Big Lie" where we repeat a lie over and over again until it becomes accepted as truth.

No, Mr. Ballard, we are doing no such thing. You are the one lying to the East Penn Public claiming that we're not sitting on millions in unspent fund balance in addition to the board policy mandated 5% budgetary reserve.

Last year, Ms. Donches and myself proposed, instead of raising taxes for the 9th year in a row, we should spend some of that down. Mr. Ballard claimed that money didn't exist and that it was just "slop floating up their in the ether".

This year, the administration used a million dollars in increased spending from the State (but...I thought the state and the evvvvillll Tom Corbett was cutting education funding! Another educrat lie), an increase in local revenue (due to building, etc.), and money from that excess fund balance to increase spending without increasing taxes. Exactly what we proposed last year and there should still be millions in unspent/excess fund balance by the end of next year.

Last year, you called us out and demanded that we "man up and woman up" and suggest specific areas of the budget from which to cut. We did so this year and you and the administration ripped our suggestions to shreds because we "didn't know what was in the line items we proposed cutting."

That's true, we didn't. I would be willing to bet that you and most of the board didn't know either. I have been asking for a line-by-line spending budget since I was first seated on the board 6 years ago. Ms. Donches has been asking for information every time we vote on issuing checks and instead of treating her with the dignity she deserves and providing her with the information she requested, you accuse her of creating unnecessary work for our administrators. I'm sorry if it's inconvenient, Mr. Ballard, but that's what we pay them for! That's why public employees have salaries and pensions that most in the private sector would die for!

Instead of providing Ms. Donches with the kind of information she requires to propose responsible spending cuts, she has been stonewalled by the administration and board at every turn.

When she proposed spending cuts, what did Board President Ballard do? Compared her to Communists and Nazis!

I have been gaveled down by the good President in the past for "casting aspersions on my fellow Board Members". Next time, I intend to remind him that he compared me to Adolf Hitler.

I would be well within the realm of propriety to call for his resignation. Goodness knows that if I had said something similar, Ballard would have no problem calling out his educrat attack dogs like Hillary Smith, a local Democrat and Obama for America organizer.

I will not ask Mr. Ballard to resign. I would, however, ask that he consider apologizing to Ms. Donches and yours truly for his overblown and indecorous language.

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