Friday, July 5, 2013

In Defense of Tricia MezzaHolyCrapShesCrazy...Sorta

I'm on record as saying that Tricia Mezzacappa is batshit crazy...but I've got to almost, sorta, kinda, defend her here.

I like blogger Bernie O'Hare. He's written some fairly nice pieces about me and even showed off my dashing good looks from my high school days...
Can you say hot sex on a platter?

...but in this post, he's gone a step too far in his (righteous) crusade against the Wicked Witch of West Easton.

He posted a picture of "Trish" carrying a pistol in Bethlehem that someone took of her when she was clearly unaware. I'm sorry, that's stalking and it does border on harassment.

As someone with a history of saying some...politically interesting things in the public domain, I know that if you put yourself out there, people are going to respond accordingly, but even the craziest of us deserve a modicum of decency. Tricia is a failed candidate for a myriad of offices and she is obviously mentally ill. Taking pictures of her while she's out and about is unnecessary and is not behavior that ought to be encouraged. Bernie knows better but he's letting his hatred of Mezzacappa blind him here.

Not saying I wholly blame him. She's accused him of raping her (he has better standards than that!) and of trying to kill her lover/pet pot bellied pig. Bernie would never, ever try to harm a creature that grubs through the muck for its meal and rolls in the mud for fun. He knows his own.

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