Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Happy Dependence Day!

On July 4th, of course we are supposed to celebrate the anniversary of America declaring its Independence from Great Britain, beginning the great experiment in limited government and Liberty.

Regrettably, it seems the great experiment is at an end. A petri dish of democracy destined to be consigned to the trash heap in the laboratory of history.

Last year, the American people had a chance to elect a new leader who would move away from the statist policies of the Obama administration and back towards the principles of individual freedom that the nation was founded upon.

Not only was President Obama re elected (and it wasn't that close) but the Democrat-Socialist party made gains in both houses of the legislature.

Decreased turnout and apathy about the lack of difference between the two major party candidates is understandable. Mitt Romney stood for nothing other than "I'm not Obama and I want to be your President (and I'm willing to say whatever it takes to fool you into voting for me)". He had a record as Governor that including passing the forerunner of Obamacare, had taken every side of the issues of gun control, immigration, and tax increases, and seemed to have a general distaste for the Conservative base he needed to be most fired up.

The outcome of the election may have sealed the fate of America and signaled the death of the Constitution. We may no longer be a nation celebrating Independence but one that embraces a culture of dependence on the Federal Government.

Consider this:
Since Obama's re election, revelations have come out about Benghazi, the IRS targeting Conservative groups, the NSA spying on all of us, all the time, and the Feds are even wiretapping the press.

The result?
About half of America still approves of the job Obama is doing as President.
66% of Americans approve of the Obama administration's surveillance programs.

One almost despairs at the ignorance and apathy, but what else can we expect? The mainstream media may be losing its influence, but many Americans still get their news from MSNBC/CNN/CNBC/ABS/CBS etc as well as from their local Progressive morning paper.

Meanwhile, public education and "higher" education are brainwashing children into believing that the State is a benevolent, all powerful force for good to which we should surrender our wealth, ambition, and faith. Anyone who says otherwise is a bigot, racist, misogynist, and/or hatemonger.

So, my fellow Americans, I join with you in embracing the horror and celebration National Dependence Day! All hail our Great Leader, Barack Obama and the Union of the Socialist States of America!

or...if you prefer, happy Unification Day (though I would think it more appropriate to "celebrate" that on November 6th).

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