Sunday, July 7, 2013

Agenda and Planned Votes for 07-08-2013 Meeting of the East Penn School Board of Directors

1.) Call to Order; Pledge of Allegiance

2.) Requests to Address the Board (Judging from the amount of views on my "Budget Cuts and Bullshit" piece, this could be interesting...)

3.) Approval of Minutes- I plan to vote in favor of this item

4.) Report of the Superintendent
   1.) Personnel- I plan to vote in favor of this item
   2.) School Level Plan- I tentatively plan to vote in favor of this item

5.) Policy- First Reading Board Policy 116.1 Exceptions to Academic Sequence

6.) Other Educational Entities

7.) Legislative

8.) Business Operations
   1.) Approval of Bill List- As usual, I plan to join Ms. Donches on abstaining on this item
   2.) Approve Investments- I plan to vote in favor of this item
   3.) Disbursement of Funds- I plan to vote in favor of this item
   4.) Authorization to Participate in Joint Purchasing for the 2013-2014 Year- I'm not yet sure how I will vote on this item. I will need to hear a bit more information at the public meeting as to exactly what this agreement is. Any time Governments join together, it makes me a bit nervous as to the increased power they may have over the public. If it is, as I suspect, an agreement that will allow us to save money, I will vote in favor, just need a bit of confirmation first!

9.) Announcements

10.) Adjourn!

There is only one meeting in July so, see y'all next month after this meeting is over (of course, I'll have lots of posts and updates here throughout so, check back early and often)!

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