Tuesday, July 30, 2013

"We've Done the Impossible, and That Makes Us Mighty!"

"The Alliance said they were gonna waltz through Serenity Valley. And we choked 'em with those words. We've done the impossible, and that makes us mighty! Just a little while longer. Our angels are gonna be soaring overhead, raining fire on those arrogant Khags. So you hold."- Sergeant Malcolm Reynolds "Firefly"
So went one of the opening lines of the pilot to the short-run TV show, Firefly. Of course, the rebel "brown coat" Independents' leadership never sent in the "angels" (starships) because the fight was "too hot" and their foot soldiers were ordered to "lay down arms".

Shortly thereafter, the Independents' revolt against the dictatorial "Alliance" was defeated.
Not a bad metaphor for the fight we now face on the government shutdown/defunding Obamacare.

After Obama won his second term, the Progressives thought that Obamacare implementation was assured and they could move on and pass their agenda including "gun control" (confiscation), immigration reform (amnesty), Cap and Trade, etc.

The Tea Party choked 'em with those words. We brought up the Benghazi, IRS, NSA wiretapping, drones, and other scandals and bogged down the Obama Administration to the point where none of their other legislation could pass. They were immobilized by having to defend one scandal after another.

We did the same from 2009 through the 2010 midterm elections. At town halls around the nation we made the voice of "We the People" heard. We provided the volunteer hours, the neighbor contact, and the candidates to take back the House of Representatives and break the Democrats filibuster proof majority in the Senate. The Tea Party, not the Republican Party, did all of that. We worked in concert with the GOP and even as their foot soldiers on the electoral battlefield.
In 2012, we didn't get our candidate, but most of us still stood with the GOP nominee that we did not really like, but we understood the stakes.

Now, people like Karl Rove and Mitch McConnell are working to fight and defeat the Tea Party. They want us to lay down arms.

Playing the part of Sergeant Reynolds and his squad in this drama is Kentucky Senator Rand Paul along with his colleagues in the Senate such as Ted Cruz of Texas and Mike Lee of Utah. They've cobbled together about two dozen GOP Senators who are refusing to vote in favor of another continuing resolution to fund the Federal Government past September 30th if it contains funding for Obamacare.

Over in the House of Representatives, Congressman Mark Meadows of North Carolina is leading a similar effort.

Make no mistake, this is the last possible opportunity to stop the implementation of ObamaCare. If we fail here, if we lose this fight, if we lay down arms, it becomes law and our health care will be controlled by the IRS. The same IRS that targeted Tea Party groups. Really think they won't find doctors to diagnose gun owners as mentally ill and pass state sanctioned gun confiscation that way?

Senator Minority Leader Mitch McConnell is encouraging Republican Senators NOT to join the fight with Senators Paul and Lee. His willing lapdog Tom Coburn of Oklahoma, once a leading Conservative voice, has become a quisling against the movement. Republican leadership actually fears this fight and believes things could get too hot.

The American people, by a margin of nearly 2-1, oppose the implementation ofObamaCare. In 2014, if we stand firm on principle, we will be rewarded.

From 2009 to today, the Obama Administration thought they were just gonna waltz through with their agenda. And we choked 'em with those words! We've done the impossible, and that makes us mighty! Just a little while longer, and the American people will go to the polls and rain electoral death on those arrogant Progressives. So you hold.

Will McConnell and Co. stand with us or are they going to lay down arms and give up the fight?
Probably. As my Twitter compatriot GaltsGirl is fond of saying, "No one ever listens to the Libertarians".

Welcome to East Penn, Mr. Deely

The Stolz Report has learned that the East Penn Education Association and their useful flunkies like Patrick Slattery and Jane Fretz have a new ally in the EPSD. Kevin Deely has moved from the 131st House District where the pothead/Union Boss nearly unseated outstanding incumbent State Rep. Justin Simmons due to Presidential Democrat automaton turnout in the city of Allentown. He now resides in a nice cushy McMansion near Union Organizer Patrick "Slanderous" Slattery.

Mr. Deely did such a fine job of running the Easton Area School District Union that he actually managed to bankrupt the school district. Maybe he'll manage similar feat here in East Penn (or, perhaps he's just plotting a State Senate run against Pat Browne).

If he runs for East Penn School Board in 2015, I will absolutely seek another term. Bring it on, Kevin!

I've Been Singing the Same Tune for a Long Time

I was over at my parents the other night as they were preparing for a trip to Canada to do some snorkeling with Beluga whales (lucky!). I was rummaging through my old room and attic and found this missive that I penned during my 2007 bid for East Penn School Board:

East Penn School District a "Pioneer" in Nanny State Legislation

Congratulations, East Penn School District! You have helped make Pennsylvania's already bloated State Government even bigger. The "Fat Letters" first used in an attempt to curb childhood obesity half a decade ago, inspired our geniuses in Harrisburg to make Body Mass Index, or "BMI" measurements MANDATORY for all students throughout the Commonwealth. Parents now cannot even make the decision to have their own children opt out of BMI testing. What has this wonder-testing accomplished? Let's take a look at the numbers. In the 2002-2003 School Year, when the fat letters were first introduced, obesity in the East Penn School District was at 13.97%. The following year, it dropped to 11.9%, a remarkable decrease! However, in the 2004-2005 school term, obesity figures had skyrocketed to 15.2% In 2005-2006, the last time East Penn Students were measured, the percentage remained virtually indistinguishable from the original 13.97% and is now at 13.08%. Introducing Body Mass Index testing has not made our children any smaller. It has made our State Government (you know, the one that passed the midnight pay jacking) bigger.
Now, six years later, BMI testing is something that schools around the nation do. Internationally, we're falling further and further behind in academics. Should we really be focusing on telling parents that their children are too fat (or skinny)?

You may not walk to the beat of the same drummer, but unlike most politicians, I don't change my tune.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Paranormal Night: "Alien Prophecies and Predictions" to be Held at King Koffee in Emmaus on August 13th

I enjoyed the last one (the first I had attended) but wished there had, perhaps, been a bit more discussion and audience participation. Looking forward to seeing what X-Files episode Josh chooses as a followup this time!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

What Really Killed Trayvon: Failing Public Schools

When President Obama proclaimed "You know, if I had a son, he'd look like Trayvon", he unnecessarily politicized a tragic event. He also completely missed the point.

Growing up, Barack Obama enjoyed many advantages that many African American children will never know. He attended the prestigious Punahou Academy where he was one of only three black students. Barack Obama then went on to attend Occidental College and Columbia University.

President Obama's children attend the very exclusive Sidwell Friend's School in Washington D.C. Despite this school's Quaker roots, it has no fewer than 11 security guards, not including secret service agents. Hardly a run-of-the-mill inner city education.

Yes, if Trayvon Martin had instead been named Trayvon Obama, he might have looked the same, but he would have led a very different life.

Instead of the exclusive schools the President enjoyed and his children enjoy, Trayvon Martin was suspended from the Dr. Michael M. Krop High School in the urban Miami-Dade School District. In 2011, his Junior year of High School, Trayvon was found to be committing burglary. He could have been charged for these crimes in the juvenile system, but instead, because of a policy designed to make it seem as though the crime rate in the school district had gone down, he was suspended and forced to move 200 miles away. This would take him to the town where his unfortunate collision with George Zimmerman took place.

I'm not naive enough to believe that going into the juvenile criminal justice system would have saved Trayvon Martin. Likely, it would have led to a lifetime of trouble with the law at best, or, in a worst case scenario, a similar situation where his life would be ended in violence. We have a "Justice System" that focuses too heavily on punishment and not enough on rehabilitation. Why? Because it makes for better politics...but this is a topic for another day.

I cannot help but wonder what might have happened to Trayvon if he had been given an opportunity to attend one of the same prestigious schools that Barack Obama or his children have taken advantage of. I wonder what might have happened if he could have attended even one of the good public schools here in my native Pennsylvania such as East Penn, Parkland, or even a highly ranked suburban district like Radnor School District in Delaware County.

There are many fine public schools in this country, but the cost of living in these districts makes even considering moving to them out of reach for those in society who are most in need of education to break the cycle of dependence upon welfare and crime. We have Public Schools in Name Only. We really have defacto private schools.

More school choice is needed to help expand the opportunities for those who need it most. Tragically, this puts urban minorities at a distinct disadvantage.

Why then, does the first black President oppose increasing school choice to help end the cycle of dependence? Maybe it has something to do with Teacher's Union bosses being among the most frequent guests at the White House. The Unions do not want School Choice breaking their monopoly of control on the youth of America.

It's not just the Progressive Left that is impeding increased academic opportunities for urban minorities like Trayvon Martin. There are plenty of lily white wealthy suburbanites who want to keep "those people" out of their neighborhood and out of their schools at all costs.

It wasn't racism, guns, or even George Zimmerman that killed Trayvon Martin. It was a system that likes playing politics instead of pursuing solutions. Until we make good schools available to all Americans, teens like Trayvon will continue to be thrown into a life reminiscent of Hobbes' Leviathan: Nasty, brutish, and short.

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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Concerned East Penn Taxpayers Association to Host Annual Picnic This Saturday!

Received this in an email from the good folks at CEPTA. I work on Saturday so I'll be unable to attend but I thought I'd pass it on to the rest of you.

CEPTA's Annual Picnic

This year our picnic will coincide with “Emmaus Community Days” celebration and C.E.P.T.A. is joining in to celebrate the East Penn community.
Location- Emmaus Community Park (North Pavilion) starts at noon.

The following is our current schedule of activities:
Noon to 2:00 - We will be showing videos from previous meetings.
2:00 to 3:00 - State Representative Justin Simmons will be at our pavilion for a meet and greet, and to take questions.
3:30 to 4:00 - Lehigh County Commissioners Scott Ott and Michael Schware will provide us an update on Lehigh County.
4:00 to 5:00 - State Representative
Ryan Mackenzie will give us an overview of the state budget which was recently passed and take questions.
5:00 to 6:00 - We will have our covered dish picnic for members. If your not a member it's not too late to join CEPTA.
CEPTA's Annual Picnic
Emmaus Community Park
North Pavilion
Over the years, you've probably heard lots of things about how bad the CEPTA people are. This is a good opportunity to go and see for yourself that they're really just a bunch of nice, older folks, who care deeply about their community.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Lehigh County Commissioners to Bring Up Hamilton Crossings TIF Tomorrow Night?

Phone calls are being made to Conservative activists around Lehigh County by Joe Hilliard of Allentown saying that the Lehigh County Board of Commissioners intend to reintroduce the possibility of approving the Hamilton Crossings TIF tomorrow at their July 10th meeting.

When they voted the TIF down 2 weeks ago, that appeared to be the death knell for the Hamilton Crossings development. Thank. God.

I remain skeptical of reports that the Commissioners intend to vote on this issue again tomorrow night. It does not appear on their agenda and bringing it up and voting tomorrow would, to my mind at least, violate the state sunshine act.

Still, in the words of Thomas Jefferson, eternal vigilance is the price of Liberty. If you are so inclined, the Lehigh County Commissioners will meet tomorrow night, Wednesday July 10th at 7:30pm at the Lehigh Valley Government center, 17 S. 7th St, Allentown PA.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Well, That Was Short and Painful- 07-08-2013 East Penn School Board Meeting Summary

First of all, my apologies for not doing a full meeting summary of the 06-24-2013 meeting. Other posts and life in general just got in the way. I did a number of full length posts on various aspects of the meeting so, I'll beg your forgiveness and hope they will suffice! If you'd like more details from the June 24th, 2013 School Board Meeting, see the East Penn Reform Youtube video here.

Now, on to the topic at hand, tonight's meeting...

1.) Call to Order; Pledge of Allegiance

2.) Requests to Address the Board- Much to my surprise, there were none!

3.) Approval of Minutes- Ms. Donches pointed out a typo on page 10 and requested that Board President Ballard's comments comparing herself and yours truly to Adolf Hitler etc be included. The minutes were approved 8-0 as amended (Ms. Heid was absent) 

4.) Report of the Superintendent of Schools- Dr. Seidenberger was unable to attend tonight's meeting so, in his stead, Assistant Superintendent Dr. Torma gave the report. Board President Ballard referred to her as "the Tormanator". Okay then.
   1.) Personnel- This item was approved unanimously
   2.) School Level Plan- This item was approved unanimously

5.) First Reading Board Policy 116.1- Exceptions to Academic Sequence

6.) Other Educational Entities

7.) Legislative- Director Ballard gave his report and stated that East Penn received the exact amount of money from the State Budget that we included in our final budget. Ms. Surdoval confirmed this. I was a bit surprised at this because, as I understand it, more money for public education was included in the final State Budget than was being discussed when we voted on 06-24-2013. I look forward to delving into this topic a little deeper.

8.)  Business Operations-
   1.) Approval of Bill List- This item was approved 6-0-2 with Ms. Donches and myself abstaining.
   2.) Approve Investments- This item was approved unanimously
   3.) Disbursement of Funds- This item was approved unanimously
   4.) Authorization to Participate in Joint Purchasing for the 2013-2014 Year- This item was approved unanimously. As I promised I would do, I inquired as to whether this was simply a way of saving money. I seemed to recall voting on something like this in the past. I was correct and I voted for the measure.

9.) Announcements- Normally, this would be a quiet, quick portion of the meeting. Not so today. Ms. Donches chose to make a public statement regarding her proposed alternate budget 2 weeks ago. I asked for, and received a copy of her statement which I will share here with you.
Understand, in my suggested reductions, there was growth in all the lines but one, just not as much growth as the administration requested. I looked at all the budget lines to the best of my ability with the information that I have been provided. I continually request additional information and even my fellow board members have voted to deny me the information. Since the administration did not provide information in Excel as I have requested, I hand typed five budget years of data into Excel, including the budgeted amount, the actual expense, and the difference in spending. For the budget line pertaining to the diving board, Dr. Seidenberger said the board needs repair and was not safe for the students. In the 2010 budget there was $7,100 in the budget with $2,665 leftover (sic) at the end of the year. In 2011, $7,100 was again budgeted but none was spent. This past budget had $7,225 in the budget line and I understand the diving board has still not been fixed. If the diving board has been in need of repair for years, why wasn't it fixed while the money was in the budget line? Who is putting our students at risk while the money was not spend to fix the board and the money put in the bank instead? This is an example of why I need detailed budget information. It is part of my responsibility as a board member to be sure our students are safe and to oversee the fiscal health of the school district. With the proper information, I can be sure I am doing the best job possible. I must add that it was surprising that Dr. Seidenberger called in outside citizens with predecisional information who came to the podium to say that I was jeopardizing the safety of the students, but he did not call me to let me know there may be an issue with the budget line. He called Mr. Stoltz (sic) to let him know (actually, he emailed me, but I take Lynn's point) about a cut he had proposed that could not be implemented. Dr. Seidenberger could have called me. And, understand, just suppose my estimates are not 100% correct, there is at least $5-1/2 million dollars in the budgetary reserve for covering unexpected expenses or incorrect estimates. That leaves another at least $9-1/2 million dollars in the fund balance that has accumulated over the years. Last year, I made a presentation about the growing fund balance and was told my information was incorrect. It turned out I was correct. This year, when I made my presentation, I envisioned a collegial conversation about the budget, especially since we had not really had much of a discussion up until the last meeting. Instead, I was ambushed and accused of ambushing. I am being told my information is incorrect and the reductions I recommend cannot be mad; however, I believe that once again, next year, I will be proven correct. Still, I believe the public's business should be done in public. I appreciate the public being involved and coming to the meeting to speak to the board with their concerns.
Lynn's statement prompted a swift, if circular, rebuttal from Director Earnshaw. He asserted that the board had debated Ms. Donches' requests for information and had decided to reject them. Any further votes, he claimed, would violate Robert's Rules of Order. Dr. Bacher and Ms. Fuller joined Mr. Earnshaw in their firm lack of interest in any further information. Ms. Donches pointed out that their statements were essentially an admission that they too lacked the information. They do, they're ok with it. There's a reason for it.

I inquired to Solicitor Fisher about Mr. Earnshaw's statement that another vote to give Ms. Donches the information she is requesting would violate Robert's Rules. If my memory was correct, we could request that another vote be placed on the agenda. President Ballard, of course, has the right to rule the motion "dilatory" and we have the right to appeal his ruling. Mr. Fisher confirmed my recollection. 

There are two distinct schools of thought on the East Penn School Board. There are directors like Ballard, Earnshaw, Fuller, and to a lesser extent, Heid, that believe that we should hire the professionals like Superintendent Seidenberger and approve their budget. Mr. Earnshaw even went so far tonight as to state that the PA School Code spells that out as the only duties of a School Board Director and intimated that going further and looking at specific budgetary expenses violates the school code.

Ms. Donches, myself, and Mr. Policano take a different view. We believe that it is our duty  as a school board director to try to find spending cuts and look out for the taxpayer and give them a fair shake. Certainly, the administration and Superintendent should view it as their jobs to ask for every dollar they can get. It is our job as school directors to sometimes say no.

Ms. Fuller made the motion to adjourn, Mr. Earnshaw seconded, and the motion passed 7-1 with Ms. Donches either intending to abstain or vote no but she never voiced her vote either way.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

The Real Me Part I- How I Became Interested in Public Service

A few weeks ago, I posted a promise on this blog that I would tell my side of the story and introduce "The Real Me". This will be the first in a series of posts in which I intend to accomplish that.

I wish the impetus for writing this particular installment had been different. On the Fourth of July, I took a different approach from my usual protocol of a moratorium on political attacks on major holidays. On the anniversary of our Nation's birth, it seemed wrong to stop attacking those on the left that are trying to change us more into the European collectivist form of Government that we rebelled against centuries ago.

Seems my opponents took notice. A "gentleman" calling himself "Kevin Chang" has taken over my old twitter handle "@Stolz4Emmaus". Though "he" posts in his bio that he is "Not Julian Stolz", the use of my former twitter name is clearly intended to mislead people in much the same way that "Anna Karina" formed "her" (I strongly suspect her and Kevin are the same person or, more likely group of people) own "Stolz Report" blog a day after I put up my own. When you google search my name, her blog pops up before mine. Clearly this is a use of the Progressive tactic of Googlebombing. It would concern me, but their posts have devolved into hysterical raving about everything from me getting a cold sore to trying to prove I'm a sexist because I tweeted a quote from the tv show, the Big Bang Theory.

My biggest concerns are that this blog and twitter account has taken to attacking my family members and loved ones.

It started by stalking me at my place of employment and taking my picture.

They posted a Google Earth picture of the home where my parents live.

They've attacked me because my significant other is a practicing Wiccan.
...and finally, claimed that I've never had a family member serve America.

That was the step too far for me. I finally had to respond. "@MacungieDems" aka Hillary Smith or "Parent of 3" when she's posting on the Morning Call forum gave "Kevin Chang" an "Amen!" for this tweet. I'd love to share it with you, but she's gone into her bunker and protected her tweets again. Unlike these despicable progressives, I have the guts to post under my own name, regardless of the controversy it may provoke.

I'm often asked why someone so young would choose to run for School Board. I don't yet have any children in the district. I do pay property taxes as part of my rent...more on my living situation another day.

I was inspired to public service and Conservative politics by my great grandfather who served as a Marine in WWII.

I was raised, since I was five years old (and eventually adopted), by my grandfather and step grandmother. Both of my parents suffered from drug addiction. As both my grandparents constantly worked (and both still do), I was frequently looked after by my great grandparents.

Often, before I went to bed at night, my great grandfather (Harold) told me stories of his service in WWII. I heard adventures about everything from being attacked by a wild boar in the Philippians, being on a ship under attack by Japanese planes and submarines, the finer points of eating K-rations, to fishing for sharks off the side of their ship using nothing but a grappling hook and some rope. I occasionally went to the VFW with him which I thought was just "the best restaurant" at the time because it had pizza. The Marine Hymn was one of the first songs I ever learned. He took me to Memorial Day parades and instilled a respect for all those who serve in our country's armed forces. Whenever I see a veteran wearing a uniform or a hat identifying their service, I make sure to stop and thank them.

Harold Billig is not just responsible for my love of country, he's also the reason I'm a Conservative today. Way back when Rush Limbaugh had a TV show, little Julian couldn't wait to watch it with his grandfather. Grandpa Harold was a lifelong registered Democrat but ideologically, he was Conservative. During the summer, when I would visit "Helen and Harold" up at their home in Nesquehoning, I would sit out on the porch with him for hours and join him in listening to Rush's radio show. I'm still a big Limbaugh fan to this day.

Harold started his life as a coalminer in Carbon County. His years in the mine eventually contributed to his death due to complications with his lungs. He served America in World War II and came home and served as Chief of Police for many years in rural, coal country Pennsylvania. He also was a School Board Director. Overwhelmingly popular with the community, he was asked to run and his first time out he was one of the top votegetters. Like me, he thought a bit too independently for the powers that be. He was voted out when he ran for a second term. He was never bitter about it. He had one of the kindest hearts of anyone I've ever known. He was just happy to serve

Harold taught me to fish, a hobby I enjoy to this day, and instilled a love of the outdoors with stories of hunting and fishing for trophies that sometimes got away and other times, ended up in the frying pan.

I like to think that grandpa Harold is one of the biggest influences in who I am today. I know myself well enough to think that my problems with authority would make me a danger to myself and others as part of America's armed services, but I try to fight on the battlefield of ideas for the America that my grandfather grew up in. No, I am in no way equating his courage of joining the military and fighting for his country with running for office but he is the reason that I became interested in politics at such a young age. 

Having family members insulted by cowards who refuse to post under their own name is,  unfortunately, too common in this day and age of polarized politics. I tend to just ignore the trolls but when they attack something they don't know, it was necessary to respond. Thank you for letting me share a bit of the real me with you.

Agenda and Planned Votes for 07-08-2013 Meeting of the East Penn School Board of Directors

1.) Call to Order; Pledge of Allegiance

2.) Requests to Address the Board (Judging from the amount of views on my "Budget Cuts and Bullshit" piece, this could be interesting...)

3.) Approval of Minutes- I plan to vote in favor of this item

4.) Report of the Superintendent
   1.) Personnel- I plan to vote in favor of this item
   2.) School Level Plan- I tentatively plan to vote in favor of this item

5.) Policy- First Reading Board Policy 116.1 Exceptions to Academic Sequence

6.) Other Educational Entities

7.) Legislative

8.) Business Operations
   1.) Approval of Bill List- As usual, I plan to join Ms. Donches on abstaining on this item
   2.) Approve Investments- I plan to vote in favor of this item
   3.) Disbursement of Funds- I plan to vote in favor of this item
   4.) Authorization to Participate in Joint Purchasing for the 2013-2014 Year- I'm not yet sure how I will vote on this item. I will need to hear a bit more information at the public meeting as to exactly what this agreement is. Any time Governments join together, it makes me a bit nervous as to the increased power they may have over the public. If it is, as I suspect, an agreement that will allow us to save money, I will vote in favor, just need a bit of confirmation first!

9.) Announcements

10.) Adjourn!

There is only one meeting in July so, see y'all next month after this meeting is over (of course, I'll have lots of posts and updates here throughout so, check back early and often)!

Friday, July 5, 2013

In Defense of Tricia MezzaHolyCrapShesCrazy...Sorta

I'm on record as saying that Tricia Mezzacappa is batshit crazy...but I've got to almost, sorta, kinda, defend her here.

I like blogger Bernie O'Hare. He's written some fairly nice pieces about me and even showed off my dashing good looks from my high school days...
Can you say hot sex on a platter?

...but in this post, he's gone a step too far in his (righteous) crusade against the Wicked Witch of West Easton.

He posted a picture of "Trish" carrying a pistol in Bethlehem that someone took of her when she was clearly unaware. I'm sorry, that's stalking and it does border on harassment.

As someone with a history of saying some...politically interesting things in the public domain, I know that if you put yourself out there, people are going to respond accordingly, but even the craziest of us deserve a modicum of decency. Tricia is a failed candidate for a myriad of offices and she is obviously mentally ill. Taking pictures of her while she's out and about is unnecessary and is not behavior that ought to be encouraged. Bernie knows better but he's letting his hatred of Mezzacappa blind him here.

Not saying I wholly blame him. She's accused him of raping her (he has better standards than that!) and of trying to kill her lover/pet pot bellied pig. Bernie would never, ever try to harm a creature that grubs through the muck for its meal and rolls in the mud for fun. He knows his own.

Budget Cuts and Bullshit

In the wake of my refusal to second Ms. Donches proposed alternate budget, there have been some expected remarks that I'm trying to "look moderate" and "repair my image" in the wake of the damage from my foot-in-mouth Twittergate problem. Really, I think my opposition to her proposal was based on consistency.

I have always said I would oppose cuts to things like "Student Activities" and "Pupil Health", especially when a budget that successfully did not increase taxes was already in front of us.

Honestly, I do not believe that Ms. Donches cuts would have negatively impacted public education in East Penn or student opportunity, but to the voters, perception is reality (example: Because the lie has been repeated in the media thousands of times, most Pennsylvania Voters believe that Tom Corbett and the Legislative Republicans have cut education funding). For decades, the Jane Fretz/East Penn Education Association/Patrick Slattery/Wes Barrett/Citizens for Strong Communities crowd has harped on how Conservative school board candidates want to gut public education to avoid a tax increase at all costs. Of course, that's hogwash, at least when it comes to yours truly. Her budget proposal, to my mind at least, gave unnecessary fodder to people like Obama for America Activist Hillary Smith (aka "MacungieDems" or "Parent of 3").

The cuts she proposed to the individual line items could easily have been replaced at the discretion of the administration and with the consent of the Board of Directors from the millions of dollars in unspent, excess fund balance that appear at the end of every budgetary year. No student opportunities would have been denied as a result of her proposal.

I've been on the board long enough to see the Superintendent receive a bonus and pay raise while students were denied funding for a bus trip to a competition. A student approached me about it privately and I offered to bring it up at a meeting, but they decided that they would rather not cause public controversy. I honored that student's wish (they have since graduated).

The Emmaus Borough Council (with the same Fretz/Emmaus Mainstreet Partnership alliance) has played the same game. Patrick Slattery and his "Citizens for Strong Communities" successfully slandered budget hawk council candidates Giovanni Landi and John Donches two years ago, claiming that, if elected, those candidates (who would have been a minority on the Council at any rate) would cut community programs like the Concert in the Park summer series. Upon their election the Jane Fretz-Wes Barrett preferred candidates, Lee Ann Gilbert (R), Nate Brown (R), Brian Holtzhafer (D), and Jeff Shubzda (I) promptly tried to cut the summer concert program. Only determined action by long time community activist (and a member of the much maligned Concerned East Penn Taxpayers Association) Josephine Sadrovitz saved the concerts from the chopping block.

Because Ms. Donches (and yours truly), did not know what specifically was in some of the line items we proposed cutting, the Administration and their willing bobbleheads tried to attack and discredit us when I promise you, a majority of the other members didn't know what was in those line items either. That is done by design.

The Pennsylvania School Board Association tells School Boards to delegate budget decisions to the administration and the only REAL decisions the School Board directors should make is who to hire to be the "brains" of the organization. "Counting the meatballs" is to be left to the hired "experts". I remember Alan Earnshaw and Ann Thompson telling me about how they do business before I was sworn in for my first term.

That may be how the Wizards of Smart (Trademark Rush Limbaugh) think policy should be decided, but since I've been on the Board (and since Ms. Donches has been elected) we have been asking the administration to provide a budget with line by line spending, account codes, etc. We want to "count the meatballs" and be able to propose responsible budget cuts.

That is why the educrats oppose us so furiously every election cycle and slander right leaning candidates with every lie in the book...and I'll write more on their lies another day. If a Conservative majority is ever elected in East Penn, the way business is done will change and the lie that budget cuts cannot be made without destroying the quality of education will be exposed.

For now, I'll just have to hold the chief architect of this election strategy accountable: The East Penn Education Association. Their pay raises every year during economically depressed times are why taxes have gone up every year. Other cuts can surely be made, but the Union is the reason that Joe and Jane Taxpayer have less money in their pockets.

Board President Ballard said, behind the curtains at a debate two years ago "If you can't dazzle 'em with brilliance, baffle 'em with bullshit."

I prefer the truth

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Happy Dependence Day!

On July 4th, of course we are supposed to celebrate the anniversary of America declaring its Independence from Great Britain, beginning the great experiment in limited government and Liberty.

Regrettably, it seems the great experiment is at an end. A petri dish of democracy destined to be consigned to the trash heap in the laboratory of history.

Last year, the American people had a chance to elect a new leader who would move away from the statist policies of the Obama administration and back towards the principles of individual freedom that the nation was founded upon.

Not only was President Obama re elected (and it wasn't that close) but the Democrat-Socialist party made gains in both houses of the legislature.

Decreased turnout and apathy about the lack of difference between the two major party candidates is understandable. Mitt Romney stood for nothing other than "I'm not Obama and I want to be your President (and I'm willing to say whatever it takes to fool you into voting for me)". He had a record as Governor that including passing the forerunner of Obamacare, had taken every side of the issues of gun control, immigration, and tax increases, and seemed to have a general distaste for the Conservative base he needed to be most fired up.

The outcome of the election may have sealed the fate of America and signaled the death of the Constitution. We may no longer be a nation celebrating Independence but one that embraces a culture of dependence on the Federal Government.

Consider this:
Since Obama's re election, revelations have come out about Benghazi, the IRS targeting Conservative groups, the NSA spying on all of us, all the time, and the Feds are even wiretapping the press.

The result?
About half of America still approves of the job Obama is doing as President.
66% of Americans approve of the Obama administration's surveillance programs.

One almost despairs at the ignorance and apathy, but what else can we expect? The mainstream media may be losing its influence, but many Americans still get their news from MSNBC/CNN/CNBC/ABS/CBS etc as well as from their local Progressive morning paper.

Meanwhile, public education and "higher" education are brainwashing children into believing that the State is a benevolent, all powerful force for good to which we should surrender our wealth, ambition, and faith. Anyone who says otherwise is a bigot, racist, misogynist, and/or hatemonger.

So, my fellow Americans, I join with you in embracing the horror and celebration National Dependence Day! All hail our Great Leader, Barack Obama and the Union of the Socialist States of America!

or...if you prefer, happy Unification Day (though I would think it more appropriate to "celebrate" that on November 6th).

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

"UFO Fact or Fiction" Paranormal Night to be Held July 13th at King Koffee

Since I'm too cheap/broke to procure my own wireless connection at home, I usually spend my week day evenings blogging in King Koffee on Main Street in Emmaus. It's a cute, if somewhat Bohemian little hole in the wall that has very friendly owners, weird (hey, I'm here...) clientele, and regular interesting performances and discussions. I've been coming here since my days at Emmaus High School.

At 9pm, on July 13th, they will be hosting one in a series of "Paranormal Nights". This particular one will focus on UFOs.

King Koffee & Pirate Radio proudly present our monthly PARANORMAL NIGHT, "UFO's: Fact, Fiction, or Hoax?" Edition. The highlight of the evening will consist of the screening of the documentary "Shades Of Gray" focused on Ufologist and Author Gray Barker. Think along the lines of, are UFO's all a hoax?... The Seminal Documentary is 72 minutes long and is narrated by Stanton Briedman. The evening will wrap up with a UFO theory discussion led by The Radio Pirate Josh. For more info contact Jason George or Joshua Hoch on Facebook.

Free Event! Just Make sure to buy a delicious beverage or food! Bring friends! Dress up as your favorite aliens! Weirdos welcome, actually encouraged! GET YOUR WEIRD ON! #gywo

@9:00pm Saturday. July 13th 2013
King Koffee
506 Chestnut Street
Emmaus, PA 18049

One of the less well known facts about me is being abducted by aliens (the creepy little gray ones) is among my biggest irrational fears.

Work schedule permitting, I plan to attend. If you've never been to King Koffee before, stop by and check it out!

Kommandant Ballard Causes Führer by Calling Herr Stolz und Fräu Donches Nazis and Bolsheviks

You may have noticed that I've changed my name on Twitter to "Stolz the Snake" (handle is still @TheStolzReport). The reason for that is at Monday's meeting, Board President Charles "Chuck" Ballard accused Ms. Donches and myself of being "snakes" who used the tactics of both Nikita Khrushchev's Russia and Nazi leaders such as Adolf Hitler...no, seriously.

I'm a proud Tea Party Snake

Ballard claimed that I was engaging in the propaganda tactic of demonizing my enemies by referring to them as *gasp* EDUCRATS. It's true, I do refer to Board Directors and the Teachers Union officials they align with as educrats...mostly because I know it ticks off Joe Hilliard who operates under the auspices of "Leadership for Liberty" when I uh...appropriate his terms. While many think of me as a far right reactionary who wants to set America back 100 years (they're not wrong...I wouldn't mind going back to having Presidents like Calvin Coolidge), Mr. Hilliard finds me to not be Conservative enough. He chooses to brand me a faux Conservative...but that's a story for another day.

Chucky went on to claim Lynn and I engaged in ambushing him and his fellow educrat board directors as well as ambushing the administration because we did not give them advanced notice of our respective proposed spending cuts.

Well, ok. I posted my proposed cuts and my revised proposed cuts in advance of the board meeting. Ms. Donches provided her first draft of proposed cuts at the meeting two weeks prior.

Mr. Ballard is a liar.

Ballard went on to claim that we also were engaged in the tactic "used by the writer of Mein Kampf" called "the Big Lie" where we repeat a lie over and over again until it becomes accepted as truth.

No, Mr. Ballard, we are doing no such thing. You are the one lying to the East Penn Public claiming that we're not sitting on millions in unspent fund balance in addition to the board policy mandated 5% budgetary reserve.

Last year, Ms. Donches and myself proposed, instead of raising taxes for the 9th year in a row, we should spend some of that down. Mr. Ballard claimed that money didn't exist and that it was just "slop floating up their in the ether".

This year, the administration used a million dollars in increased spending from the State (but...I thought the state and the evvvvillll Tom Corbett was cutting education funding! Another educrat lie), an increase in local revenue (due to building, etc.), and money from that excess fund balance to increase spending without increasing taxes. Exactly what we proposed last year and there should still be millions in unspent/excess fund balance by the end of next year.

Last year, you called us out and demanded that we "man up and woman up" and suggest specific areas of the budget from which to cut. We did so this year and you and the administration ripped our suggestions to shreds because we "didn't know what was in the line items we proposed cutting."

That's true, we didn't. I would be willing to bet that you and most of the board didn't know either. I have been asking for a line-by-line spending budget since I was first seated on the board 6 years ago. Ms. Donches has been asking for information every time we vote on issuing checks and instead of treating her with the dignity she deserves and providing her with the information she requested, you accuse her of creating unnecessary work for our administrators. I'm sorry if it's inconvenient, Mr. Ballard, but that's what we pay them for! That's why public employees have salaries and pensions that most in the private sector would die for!

Instead of providing Ms. Donches with the kind of information she requires to propose responsible spending cuts, she has been stonewalled by the administration and board at every turn.

When she proposed spending cuts, what did Board President Ballard do? Compared her to Communists and Nazis!

I have been gaveled down by the good President in the past for "casting aspersions on my fellow Board Members". Next time, I intend to remind him that he compared me to Adolf Hitler.

I would be well within the realm of propriety to call for his resignation. Goodness knows that if I had said something similar, Ballard would have no problem calling out his educrat attack dogs like Hillary Smith, a local Democrat and Obama for America organizer.

I will not ask Mr. Ballard to resign. I would, however, ask that he consider apologizing to Ms. Donches and yours truly for his overblown and indecorous language.

Monday, July 1, 2013

A Frank and Honest Discussion of Racism (From the Viewpoint of an Upper Middle Class White Boy)

As most Conservatives in elected positions, I've been labeled as a racist. On what grounds, I'm not sure.

Probably because I said something about Jewish or Asian American parents putting more emphasis on education than parents in inner cities. How that's racist or discriminatory, I'm not at all certain. Seems to me to be just basic observation of culture, not skin color.

I even had one African American parent of former East Penn Students tell me that I "don't get it" because I am not sure why in this day and age High Schools would have a dedicated "African American studies" class. I believe that the accomplishments of distinguished African American scholars and leaders like Benjamin Bennekar, George Washington Carver, Thomas Jennings, and others should be taught within the framework of the existing curriculum. They certainly were when I attended Emmaus High School. Why we would want a class singling out the accomplishments of African Americans as if they were different from other Americans eludes me. Wouldn't that be racist? Aren't we all supposed to be equal?

As I was perusing a few articles on the ongoing George Zimmerman trial I was disgusted by the amount of race baiting in articles such as "What White People Don't Get About Rachel Jeantel" and "Why Black People Understand Rachel Jeantel". It is almost as if they're trying to provoke increased racial tensions in America should George Zimmerman be acquitted (and he should be).

A line in an article titled "Will the Zimmerman Trial Verdict Spark L.A.-Style Riots" particularly resonated with me.
"What makes race as inflamed an issue as it has been for several hundred years is the almost comical way in which frank conversation on it is avoided."
Why I had to be the one to write a "frank conversation on it"? I don't know. Maybe because I'm a bad politician who has a chronic inability to not say what I believe.

Supposedly Prosecution "Star Witness" Rachel Jeantel is to be forgiven for barely speaking English, referring to white people as "Creepy-ass cracka's" (well, damn, don't you think THAT'S a little racist?), and tweeting pictures of her "court nails" (and about getting high) because she's "a 19-year-old high school student of Haitian descent who knows nothing more than the few block radius she has grown up in."

Gee, tell that to the parents of Asian American students who "constitute 5.6 percent of the nation’s population but 12 to 18 percent of the student body at Ivy League schools".

If "creepy-ass cracka" isn't racist, then we probably need to apologize to Paula Deen for the public lynching that she has gone through over remarks she made 30 years ago. I would argue that Paula Deen's comments were more a result of her surroundings decades ago than any views she may hold on race relations.

If Paula Deen is a racist than assuredly President Obama is also an anti White racist for his long term participation in the "Black Liberation" church of Reverend Jeremiah Wright.

...or because the Minister who spoke at his inauguration believes "all whites are going to hell".

Remember President Obama said "If I had a son, he'd look like Trayvon". Really, Mr. President? Your son (according to the Prosecution's own witness) would have "straddled" George Zimmerman and been attacking him "ground and pound style"?

Of course, Mr. Zimmerman, despite his Nazi-German sounding surname, is Hispanic. In an attempt to spin the story their way, the media has even photo-shopped images of him to make him appear more white. Why his skin color is relevant, I have no idea.

The entire controversy surrounding the Zimmerman-Trayvon Martin case has to do with the 2nd Amendment and Florida's "Stand Your Ground" law. That's why Barack Obama couldn't help but inject himself into the case.

The whole Paula Deen thing has nothing to do with her remarks from 30 years ago. It's because she uses lots of butter and other things that are "bad for us". I remember the glee of the MSM when it was announced in 2012 that she had been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes.

Part of the reason we cannot differentiate between racism and stupidity anymore is because we have forgotten our own history.

It isn't uncommon in the wealthy suburban counties surrounding Philadelphia to hear a young woman say "well, my dad is a racist, so that means I have to vote for Barack Obama, right?" Naturally, young people are now taught in public schools (and I can attest to this from experience) that the Republican Party is the party that panders to racists via "the Southern Strategy".

I myself had this debate with my AP US Government teacher. Somehow it's always left out that the GOP was founded on abolishing slavery. The Republican Party was also responsible for passing the 1964 Civil Rights Act.

It's an accepted political truth now, the Tea Party is racist because they oppose Barack Obama.

If you oppose late term abortions, you're a racist! Never mind that Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger was a committed eugenicist who believed that "It is said the aboriginal Australian, the lowest known species of the human family, just a step higher than the chimpanzee in brain development, has so little sexual control that police authority alone prevents him from obtaining sexual satisfaction on the streets."

Now THAT'S racism.

Instead of letting the media and the other race hustlers on the left divide us according to race, we might do well to embrace the wisdom of Broadway hit Avenue-Q (I admit it, the agenda of the show as a whole is in line with the Progs but hey, even a stopped clock...) and accept that
Look around and you will find
No one's really color blind.
Maybe it's a fact
We all should face
Everyone makes judgments
Based on race...

 Now not big judgments, like who to hire
or who to buy a newspaper from - 

No, just little judgments like thinking that Mexican
busboys should learn to speak goddamn English!

And the best solution?
Just laugh at the real racists...and maybe don't sit in their church's for several decades.

But what do I know? I'm just an upper middle class white boy. Don't take my word for it. Listen to Louisiana State Senator Elbert Guillory who recently switched to the Republican Party.