Thursday, June 20, 2013

Patrick Slattery/Citizens for Strong Communities on Proposed 0.2% Budget Cut: "The Sky is Falling!"

On Tuesday, I proposed $262,252 in spending cuts to the nearly $130 million proposed East Penn Budget. This is far less than the over $900,000 cuts proposed by my fellow director Lynn Donches (I do plan to fully support her proposed cuts which still amount to less than 1% of the total budget). To the Citizens for Strong Communities, led by twice failed State House candidate Patrick Slattery and supported by Emmaus Developers Jane Fretz and Wesley Barrett, this is apparently the end of the world. From their Facebook Page:
Dr. Seidenberger and the majority of the East Penn School Board has worked hard to put the district in a position to pass a budget that maintains all programs and also does not raise taxes. At the 11th hour Director Julian Stolz is proposing a tax rebate to be accomplished from an additional $262,000 in cuts. If you are concerned about responsible school district budgeting please consider attending the School Board Meeting this coming Monday at 7:30.
It is disturbing that a man such as Patrick Slattery who misleads so many East Penn Voters knows so little about budgets. While I would like the spending cuts that I proposed to be made permanent via budget cuts, I am content to include them as a one-time tax credit to be revisited next year when we vote on a new budget. A tax credit is not, as Mr. Slattery indicated, a tax rebate. A tax credit is just a deduction from your total tax bill. A tax rebate is a costly administrative process of sending checks back to the taxpayer. It is not a practice that I am opposed to in general, but for the amount of money being discussed here, it would not be practical or cost effective to have a tax rebate. Mr. Slattery ought to know the difference.

This post was "Liked" by 4 individuals (Other than the Citizens for Strong Communities Page/Patrick Slattery) and shared by 2 more. I thought the "shared by" was pretty revealing

1.) "Macungie Dems Page" (Hillary Smith)- "Arbitrary budget cuts- really?" The "share" was "liked" by 1 person. East Penn teacher, Bonnie Raub.

I found this interesting because Ms. Smith was one of the people so outraged by my comments on twitter that she believed I "had to go". Seems Ms. Smith has a much more partisan and anti-taxpayer agenda. She's outraged over the prospect of a 0.2% budget cut!

2.) Another private citizen who's name, out of courtesy and respect for citizens wishing to get involved in the political process, I will not publish here also shared the post. The comment that went with it was interesting "I've never attended a school board meeting before but I think I will be attending this one." I truly hope the person who wrote this does attend. We need more people to come to meetings and get involved but, if you've never attended a meeting, why would you feel a 0.2% cut is so outrageous? I look forward to the debate.

At Monday's meeting, I expect many more Teacher's Union/Educrat associated "Give me more!" speakers to attend than average, Joe Taxpayers asking to "tax us less". That's ok. That is why I serve on the board. I am there to represent the forgotten taxpayers. I am proposing a modest reduction in expenditures on a few line items that would allow us to reduce the overall tax bills across the district for the first time in a generation.

If you truly believe that's unreasonable, I look forward to seeing you on Monday.

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