Sunday, June 23, 2013

Is Southern Lehigh Plotting A Preemptive Strike Against East Penn?

When the Emmaus Diner went out of business, I, like many area residents. was sad to see it go. Especially distressing were the circumstances surrounding the restaurant's close.

I always enjoyed their artery-clogging beef and cheese quesadillas (extra sour cream, please!) and for a diner, they had an excellent black diamond steak at a reasonable price.

When I heard that the owners of the Queen City diner were taking over the place, I was very excited. Queen City always has great food at any hour of the day. Very convenient giving my night owl tendencies.

Now, I'm left wondering if the new East Penn Diner isn't a Trojan Horse ploy by the dastardly power-brokers of the Southern Lehigh School District!

What's with the blue and white color scheme in the heart of glorious green and gold East Penn?

My suspicions were further stirred when I saw the new "East Penn Plaza" sign.

They have the East Penn green (albeit the wrong shade) but surrounded by obviously Southern Lehigh-esque blue, white, and black!

I'm sure it's all just coincidence/marketing faux pas and I very much look forward to giving the East Penn Diner a try as soon as possible.

...But just in case, as your School Board Director, I stand ready to protect you from any incursions by our neighbors to the south-east (the direction, not the name of Kanye and Kim Kardashian's next baby).

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