Monday, June 17, 2013

In Response to Blog, Ben Long Calls Me Liar, Coward **UPDATED**

On Friday, I put up a post in response to a piece over at Bernie O'Hare's Lehigh Valley Ramblings about a young former Lehigh GOP Committeeman who was working to "take back the Republican Party" resigning his seat in order to publicly endorse Democrat County Executive nominee Tom Muller.

This morning, I recieved a message from young Mr. Long on Facebook saying:

If you're going to write a blog about me at least get your stories straight. I had no such conversation with you about the possibility of me supporting Tom nor did I even have a conversation with you at the Lincoln Day. I'm glad however that you made the very clear distinction that I'm not under your tent an never will be

I replied with the following:

Yes you did. I'm glad to know you're a liar as well.

I asked if your candidate lost if you would support the Republican nominee. You said no because Scott wasn't qualified. While I disagree, I also warned you that the base cares more about ideology than they do about qualifications. I was proven correct, about the Primary and you

  Apparently I must have time to make these things up because his response was

Julian I never said that to you. But think what u want
It doesn't surprise me that you have nothing better to do than write a blog about me. Go pound sand Julian and leave me alone.
Judging by his last sentence, I may have jogged his memory about the conversation taking place. I'll let the readers judge for themselves whether or not they think I'm lying.

Evidently young Benjamin only objects when people write negative blogs about him. He had no problem emailing his resignation to Bernie O'Hare.

When questioned by local Blogger and curmudgeon Michael Molovinsky about who sent him the release on Long's resignation, Bernie said:

Bernie O'Hare said...

" did long or browning send you this release?"

I got it from Ben, not Browning.

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