Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Ever Wonder What Progressives Think Conservatives Believe?

I've posted previously about my stalker blog. They happen to also have an affiliated twitter account. Apparently, they have two affiliated twitter accounts!

A few weeks ago, I saw a tweet from @JennyInEmmaus, someone purporting to be an "Objectivist Teen Who Won't Be Silenced"
With an open mind, I checked my district email and received the following message:
Dear Mr. Stolz,

As an Emmaus High School student, I have watched intently as the lamestream media has attacked you for exercising your First Amendment right to tell the truth about the pathetic state of public education in America. Your bravery is an inspiration to me and I really enjoyed reading Emily Rose's essay on your blog.

I have also had my battles with the tenured thugs in the East Penn School District. Two weeks ago, an English teacher (one I think you know well) forced us to write a paper on the legacy of Jackie Robinson and the Hollywood movie "42." Not only was this assignment highly inappropriate (I'm a girl who likes Broadway, Buffy, and Bullets, not dumb stuff like baseball) but I was bullied and silenced for what I wrote, receiving only a C- and not being allowed to read my essay to the class. I worked really hard on it and discovered that the real story of Jackie Robinson could not be more different that the media myth that everyone wants to believe. It would mean a lot to me if you'd help me share the truth about this (not so) important event in American history.

Hope you had a happy holiday! =)

 I had my suspicions because, no one, certainly not a well informed Conservative (who knew what Objectivism meant), could possibly believe that Jackie Robinson was anything other than an American Hero.

I noted that the "Will Not Be Silenced" language is similar to that of Patrick Slattery's "Citizens for Strong Communities" activist Brian Mondschein who has said he "Will not be silenced" on both Emmaus Patch and the Citizens for Strong Communities facebook page. Several of the quotes throughout the email were also surprisingly similar to tweets on my stalker's twitter account. Curiouser and curiouser...

Still, I decided to proceed with the knowledge that this likely was not just a misguided young lady but rather someone acting with malicious intent and trying to prove that I'm really a closet racist. The "paper" attached to the email seemed to confirm my suspicions.

My instincts were "so, trap?"
But before making it public, I decided to cross my Ts and dot my Is and check with the administration.

 I sent this email to Superintendent Seidenberger

I received this from someone purporting to be a student at Emmaus High School. I have suspicions that this is a set up to attempt to make me appear to agree with some truly racist and offensive nonsense. I'd be curious as to whether or not we have a student at EHS with this name and if so, if the student actually wrote this essay. If there is in fact a student by this name at EHS who did not write this essay, then effectively, someone is stealing the identity of one of our students and that needs to be dealt with. Thanks for looking into this matter.

Best Regards,

 I finally received a reply last Wednesday but, before I saw the email, Dr. Seidenberger informed me personally when I saw him at the meeting that evening of the Lehigh County Board of Commissioners.

Nevertheless, in the interests of transparency, here is the official response I got from the administration via email:


Dave Pip got back to me regarding the communication. There is no Jennifer Kulp at EHS and we can find no record of one either. We have had three students in the past with the last name Kulp but not a Jennifer. Looks like someone was gaming you.

 As I suspected, someone, likely Brian Mondschein, attempted to bait me into agreeing with some evidently racist nonsense. I'm not so stupid and when "Anna Karina" "The Stolz Report Wordpress" or "@Stolz4Emmaus" (yep, they hijacked my old twitter handle) tries to troll me again, I suggest they do a better job. I deserve a better quality of stalker!
Oh, by the way, Jackie Robinson was a Conservative.

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