Monday, June 24, 2013

Common Core "Biometric Machines" Not in Use in East Penn

Last night, I posted that I had been informed at a Lehigh County Republican Committee meeting that, in one East Penn Middle School (Eyer, as it turns out) "biometric" machines were being hooked up to students. If that was the case, I would have been shocked and appalled. Though we are living in Comrade Obama's Amerika, I didn't think we were THAT close to 1984 just yet.

I was right. A gentleman (the grandfather of an Eyer student) came to the meeting and described the "machines" in question and he demanded to know where the funding for them came from.

As it turns out (and as I noted to Dr. Seidenberger) what he was talking about are the heart monitors used in gym class to make sure the students are getting proper cardiovascular exercise. I remember using them in gym class 7+ years ago before Common Core was even a thought. Nothing nefarious about them.

I promised I would post an update on the situation here, and I, about the rest of that meeting...

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