Monday, June 24, 2013

$1600+ for "Common Core, Now" Conference is Approved

Yesterday, I posted that just over $1600 in state grant funds (still is taxpayer money) were being allocated to a conference called "Common Core, Now". The conference will be taking place in mid August and attended by one of our Alburtis elementary teachers.

I asked that the conference be separated out from the rest of the Superintendent's report and my request was granted.

I made the motion to amend the item that it would only be approved with the proviso that the teacher attending make a public presentation to the Board of Directors after attending the conference.

Apparently, it is the opinion of my fellow Board Members that it was an unreasonable request. Board President Ballard even compared it to public "flagellation" (whipping) of the teacher.

Director Rebecca Heid suggested that perhaps the teacher could provide a written report and the administration could then present it to the Board and general public. I was not content with that in regards to a subject as controversial as Common Core. No disrespect to the administration intended, but I would like to hear a presentation from the person attending the conference, not a second hand account from Dr. Seidenberger.

My motion failed 3-6 (Ballard, Sandy Rhodes, Earnshaw, Fuller, Heid, and Bacher opposed and myself, Ms. Donches, and Mr. Policano in favor)

No one made a motion to require a written report be submitted so, I'm not counting on one being produced.

The conference was approved 6-3. (Ballard, Sandy Rhodes, Earnshaw, Fuller, Heid, and Bacher in support and myself, Ms. Donches, and Mr. Policano opposed)

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