Friday, May 31, 2013

Why I Believe Hillary Will Run for POTUS in 2016: Benghazi

I believe Hillary Clinton will run for President in 2016 for one reason: Benghazi

While Barack Obama ran for President to fundamentally transform America (into a Socialist Utopia) and weaken her position on the world stage, Hillary Clinton ran for President to feed her ego and secure her legacy in history.

Though the Benghazi hearings have brought down Ms. Rodham-Clinton's favorables somewhat, she still leads the Republican frontrunners by a considerable margin.

As Secretary of State during the time of the Benghazi debacle, Clinton is just as responsible for the failure to use military force to save the Embassy as is her boss, President Obama.

Ever concerned with the Clinton legacy, Hillary will run for President in 2016 knowing she will probably win against a divided GOP and thus prevent the truth about her role in Benghazi from ever fully coming to light. The victors write the history books, unless Conservatives win, then college professors rewrite history. Hillary wants to make sure history is written to her liking.

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