Monday, May 13, 2013

5-13-2013 Meeting Roundup

Well, no calls for my resignation tonight. I must be losing my touch!

All in all, very interesting meeting. Here's the rundown.

1.) Call to Order/Pledge of Allegiance

2.) Director Lynn Donches made a motion to suspend the rules to allow for back-and-forth dialogue between the public and the board during the segment of the meeting pertaining to the TIF. The motion received support 5-4 but a 6/3 super majority is necessary according to Robert's Rules of Order. Myself, Ms. Donches, Heid, Policano, and Bacher voted in favor with Ballard, Earnshaw, Fuller, and Sandy Rhodes opposed.

3.) Approval of Minutes- This item passed unanimously

4.) Acceptance of Zazo family scholarship and grant- This item passed unanimously. 

5.) Hamilton Crossings Tax Increment Financing (TIF) Approval- At the request of Robert Oberle, an East Penn Area Republican Committeeman, I made a motion to table this item. The vote to table failed 6-3 with Heid, Earnshaw, Fuller, Ballard, Sandy Rhodes, and Bacher voting against and Lynn Donches, Mike Policano, and myself voting in favor. Later, Ms. Donches made a motion to defer til a date-certain (the next Board Meeting) and that also failed by the same tally. The final vote in favor if the TIF was 6-2-1. Only change from prior 2 votes was Mr. Policano abstained.

6.) Proposed Final Budget Adoption- For the first time in my history as a member of the East Penn School Board, I voted for a budget! This particular iteration had no tax increase. I voted for it as an effort to reward the administration for putting together a budget that will, for the first time in a decade, not increase taxes. Now, the work to get a tax cut. More on that later. I have about $130k in cuts identified so far.

7.) Report of the Superintendent of Schools/Personnel/List of 2013 Emmaus HS Graduates- This item passed unanimously.

8.) Accept PPL Poles and Approve Agreement- This item passed unanimously

9.) Business Operations
  1.) Bill List Approval- This item passed 7-0-2 with Ms. Donches and I abstaining.
  2.) Treasurer's Report- This item passed unanimously
  3.) Appointment of Treasurer- This item passed unanimously. Welcome back, Mr. Glancy!
  4.) Appointment of Board Secretary- In my post yesterday, I said I had issues with this being a 4 year contract renewal instead of a year to year appointment like the treasurer. Apparently, 4 years is mandated by State Statute. No disrespect intended to Ms. Birdsell. She's the Swiss Army Knife of the East Penn School District. This item passed unanimously.
  5.) Designation of 2013-14 Depositories- This item passed unanimously.
  6.) Authorization to participate in contracts issued by the Department of General Services for the 2013-14 year- This item was unanimously approved
  7.) Authorization to participate in joint purchasing for the 2013-14 year- This item passed unanimously
  8.) Record of Investments- This item passed unanimously
  9.) Parent/Guardian Transportation Contract- This item passed unanimously


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