Friday, May 31, 2013

Why I Believe Hillary Will Run for POTUS in 2016: Benghazi

I believe Hillary Clinton will run for President in 2016 for one reason: Benghazi

While Barack Obama ran for President to fundamentally transform America (into a Socialist Utopia) and weaken her position on the world stage, Hillary Clinton ran for President to feed her ego and secure her legacy in history.

Though the Benghazi hearings have brought down Ms. Rodham-Clinton's favorables somewhat, she still leads the Republican frontrunners by a considerable margin.

As Secretary of State during the time of the Benghazi debacle, Clinton is just as responsible for the failure to use military force to save the Embassy as is her boss, President Obama.

Ever concerned with the Clinton legacy, Hillary will run for President in 2016 knowing she will probably win against a divided GOP and thus prevent the truth about her role in Benghazi from ever fully coming to light. The victors write the history books, unless Conservatives win, then college professors rewrite history. Hillary wants to make sure history is written to her liking.

I Have Officially Withdrawn

This afternoon, I officially withdrew my candidacy for Mayor of Emmaus as well as for Borough Council.

In the race for Mayor, I accomplished what I set out to do in convincing Mayor Iobst to withdraw from Mike Bloomberg's unconstitutional "Mayors Against Illegal Guns". Mayor Iobst is a good and honorable man who is sincere and dedicated in his service to the Borough that we all proudly call home. I endorse him wholeheartedly and without reservation for another four year term.

When I filed to run for Council, I did so with the intention of preventing another Jane Fretz-Patrick Slattery-EYA-Public Sector Union candidate from securing the Republican nomination. The Emmaus Borough Council already has enough puppets. Though I would have relished the opportunity to use the bully pulpit through the course of the campaign to expose the insidious Progressive agenda being pushed on the citizens of the borough, my heart would not have been in it to win it. I look forward to serving the remainder of my term as a member of the East Penn School Board and continuing to be a watchdog for the taxpayers.

In Liberty,


Sunday, May 19, 2013

My Predictions

I've been asked by people on both sides of the aisle how I think things will shake out once the polls close and the dust settles on Tuesday night.

Well, here we go.

The Republican Primary for County Executive
Scott Ott 56%
Dean Browning 44%

This is closer than I thought it would have been just a month or so ago. My prediction is based on a couple things.
1.) At the CEPTA Candidates night last Tuesday, Scott Ott had a bit of an edge that I've never seen on him before. Browning has run a tenacious if deceptive campaign and I can see how that would get to someone but Scott is usually a Reaganesque happy warrior regardless. He was just a bit "meaner" than I'm used to seeing him. If he were ahead by 30 points, that wouldn't be the case.

2.) Dean Browning outraised Ott 2-1. That won't be enough to win because honestly, the GOP base doesn't like Browning. Nothing can change that. The GOP base votes for ideology above all else. It'll be closer than it ought to be, but Scott will prevail.

Lehigh County Commissioner District 2
Percy Dougherty 53%
Scott Aquila 47%

I like both men in this race. If Emmaus still was in District 2, Percy Dougherty would have my vote. I've known him and he has, to an extent, mentored me since I was 16 years old. He is not always (ok, ever) as Conservative as I would like, but he's never lied to me about who he is or what he stands for.

Percy has run a very hard race. He knows how to win in this district and Upper Macungie Township and South Whitehall township are not as Conservative with their GOP base as most areas. I don't think Lower Mac Township will do much worse than break even.

The district will be well served no matter who wins.

Lehigh County Commissioner District 5
Mike Schware
Norma Cusick
Kevin Ryan
Nate Brown

That will be the order and I don't care to guess at percentages between them. If I'm wrong, it will be 3rd and 4th place that flip. It is much to my surprise that Norma Cusick and not Nate Brown have emerged as the primary moderate contenders against Mr. Schware. I shouldn't have been surprised. Norma has been in politics for decades. Mr. Brown is, by comparison, a rank amateur. I suspect he's trying to increase his name ID for once State Rep. Justin Simmons moves up or term limits himself. I might have a thing or two to say about that when the time comes.

I admire Norma for her courage and tenacity as a candidate. She won't win, but she wont embarrass herself in what I think will be her last campaign.

East Penn School Board Republican
Alan Earnshaw
Garrett Rhoads
Wanda Mercado-Arroyo
Chris Donatelli
Ziad W. Munson
Rebecca Heid
Michael Moxley

East Penn School Board Democrat
Rebecca Heid
Alan Earnshaw
Ziad W. Munson
Wanda Mercado-Arroyo
Michael Moxley
Garrett Rhoads
Chris Donatelli

I'll let those predictions stand without further comment. We'll see if I'm right.

Lower Macungie Township Commissioner
Ryan Conrad
Roger Reis
Ron Eichenberg
Ron Beitler
Brian Higgins

The race between Beitler and Eichenberg will be very close and it should be. Both candidates have their flaws. Personally I LIKE Beitler better but if I had a vote, it would go to the incumbent.
If Beitler had not run with Higgins...well, we'll never know.

I have no idea what will happen in Upper Milford township. I haven't followed that primary very closely and I should have. That's where my grandparents live and they often ask for my suggestions.

Mayor Iobst will crush John Belin in the Democrat primary in Emmaus.

Lower Macungie Commissioner Race: Realtor Candidates and Candidates Backed by Realtors

The race for Lower Macungie Township Commissioner this year reminds me of the 1991 race for Louisiana Governor.

Disgraced former Governor Ed Edwards was seeking a comeback election. His opponent, was racist KKK supporter David Duke. Bumper stickers around the state featured slogans like "Better a Lizard than a Wizard" and "Vote for the Crook, it's Important". Fortunately for the great state of Louisiana, the crook, not the Nazi, won.

In the race for Lower Macungie Township Commissioner, you have the 3 incumbents: Ryan Conrad, Roger Reis, and Ron Eichenberg. Though all 3 are accused of having a particularly cozy relationship with developer Dave Jaindl, Eichenberg is probably the one closest to an ethics violation.

Let me note at this point that if there were any actual ethics breach, I have no doubt that the Citizens for the Protection of Lower Macungie Township would have filed a complaint with the State Ethics Board long ago and this would be a moot point.

The challengers are former Democrat Committeeman Ron Beitler and my 2011 School Board nemesis, Brian "paying taxes is your patriotic duty" Higgins.

Higgins and Beitler are wrapping themselves in the trappings of "Good government". Both have, in the past, been proponents of Big Government.

That's not to say that Conrad, Reis, and Eichenberg are blameless either.

Reis is one of the parties responsible for the Jane Ervin 70% tax hike. Eichenberg admitted to having opposed the township lowering the tax to 0 mils decades ago.

Ryan Conrad is probably the most Conservative AND politically ambitious of the bunch. Much as Jane Fretz would like to claim otherwise, Conrad has zero chance to lose. He has the looks, the work ethic, and the network of a winner. He'll never vote for a tax hike because he knows it would be death for any political future. I'm comfortable with that in an elected official. I don't care what a politician's motive for doing the right thing is so long as they do the right thing.

The plot thickens...

Higgins and Beitler are running as the "for the people, anti-realtor" candidates. Irony is frequently ironic. Who is behind the Higgins-Beitler campaign?


Twice-failed State House candidate Patrick "Slanderous" Slattery's "Citizens for Strong Communities" is largely funded by Emmaus Realtor Wesley Barrett and receives a good portion of its political structure from Jane Fretz (the wife of a prominent local realtor) old anti-taxpayer school board organization.

Jane Fretz and Wes Barrett have made a lot of money in Emmaus from taxes being raised. Fretz has, for decades, backed candidates for East Penn School Board that kiss the ring of the Unions and raise taxes annually. In the last several cycles, Wes Barrett has followed the lead of Zen Master Jane.

You see, as the old Pennsylvania Dutch natives are forced out of their homes due to ever increasing property taxes, Suburban professionals move in from New York and New Jersey where taxes are so astronomical that levels in East Penn seem reasonable. Who is selling these homes? Fretz Realty and, in the past few years, Wes Barrett Realty. Quite a (perfectly legal, if insidious) racket they've got going on.

Apparently taxes in Lower Macungie Township have stayed low for a little too long. Now Fretz-Barrett and their front-man Patrick Slattery want to extend their tentacles into the LMT Board of Commissioners.

There are perfectly legitimate reasons to be concerned about the way the Jaindl incident was handled. I would have liked to have seen a "clean" slate of 3 Republican challengers (not Union-Democrats in Republican clothing) run and do right by Lower Macungie Township (the 3rd largest municipality in the Lehigh Valley).

Reality is, you've got to vote for the candidates you have, not the candidates you wish you had.

All 3 incumbents are Realtors.

Both challengers are backed by Realtors with a history of standing against the taxpayers.

On Tuesday, May 21st, "Vote for the Realtors. It's important."

Common Core Event on June 3rd

Monday, May 13, 2013

5-13-2013 Meeting Roundup

Well, no calls for my resignation tonight. I must be losing my touch!

All in all, very interesting meeting. Here's the rundown.

1.) Call to Order/Pledge of Allegiance

2.) Director Lynn Donches made a motion to suspend the rules to allow for back-and-forth dialogue between the public and the board during the segment of the meeting pertaining to the TIF. The motion received support 5-4 but a 6/3 super majority is necessary according to Robert's Rules of Order. Myself, Ms. Donches, Heid, Policano, and Bacher voted in favor with Ballard, Earnshaw, Fuller, and Sandy Rhodes opposed.

3.) Approval of Minutes- This item passed unanimously

4.) Acceptance of Zazo family scholarship and grant- This item passed unanimously. 

5.) Hamilton Crossings Tax Increment Financing (TIF) Approval- At the request of Robert Oberle, an East Penn Area Republican Committeeman, I made a motion to table this item. The vote to table failed 6-3 with Heid, Earnshaw, Fuller, Ballard, Sandy Rhodes, and Bacher voting against and Lynn Donches, Mike Policano, and myself voting in favor. Later, Ms. Donches made a motion to defer til a date-certain (the next Board Meeting) and that also failed by the same tally. The final vote in favor if the TIF was 6-2-1. Only change from prior 2 votes was Mr. Policano abstained.

6.) Proposed Final Budget Adoption- For the first time in my history as a member of the East Penn School Board, I voted for a budget! This particular iteration had no tax increase. I voted for it as an effort to reward the administration for putting together a budget that will, for the first time in a decade, not increase taxes. Now, the work to get a tax cut. More on that later. I have about $130k in cuts identified so far.

7.) Report of the Superintendent of Schools/Personnel/List of 2013 Emmaus HS Graduates- This item passed unanimously.

8.) Accept PPL Poles and Approve Agreement- This item passed unanimously

9.) Business Operations
  1.) Bill List Approval- This item passed 7-0-2 with Ms. Donches and I abstaining.
  2.) Treasurer's Report- This item passed unanimously
  3.) Appointment of Treasurer- This item passed unanimously. Welcome back, Mr. Glancy!
  4.) Appointment of Board Secretary- In my post yesterday, I said I had issues with this being a 4 year contract renewal instead of a year to year appointment like the treasurer. Apparently, 4 years is mandated by State Statute. No disrespect intended to Ms. Birdsell. She's the Swiss Army Knife of the East Penn School District. This item passed unanimously.
  5.) Designation of 2013-14 Depositories- This item passed unanimously.
  6.) Authorization to participate in contracts issued by the Department of General Services for the 2013-14 year- This item was unanimously approved
  7.) Authorization to participate in joint purchasing for the 2013-14 year- This item passed unanimously
  8.) Record of Investments- This item passed unanimously
  9.) Parent/Guardian Transportation Contract- This item passed unanimously


My Statement on the TIF

I made the following statement on the TIF at tonight's meeting...more on the rest of the meeting shortly.

This situation reminds me of President Reagan's quote "If it moves, Government taxes it. If it keeps moving, Government regulates it. If it stops moving, Government subsidizes it."
Lower Macungie Township may have declared the (Hamilton Crossings) property blighted. Why wouldn't they? They have nothing to lose, they have no skin in the game as they have no (township) property tax, and they get to look good and say they created this wonderful development and created jobs.
I don't know that I'd consider the property "blighted". It's a field. It works just fine as a field. It does not cause increased traffic pressure.
To the Developers, I sympathize with your efforts to gain financing to compensate for Government requirements and red tape. However, I would posit that the solution to Government imposed idiocy in interfering with the free market is not requesting more idiocy in the form of Government interfering in the free market. If I believed that it was, I would be an Obama supporter and I would be telling you "you didn't build it". If you want to build your development in our community, I invite you to do so. We are one of the fastest growing areas in the state and have a nice, high level of disposable income. I ask that you (pursue your project) in the same, time honoured fashion as generations of Capitalists have done before you: Put up with the roadblocks of government red tape, take a risk, and reap the rewards. If I may quote one of the bumper stickers on my car, "Real businessmen get it done without government stimulus!"
To my colleagues on the Board, I know you're all dazzled by the prospect of this bag of "found money." However, I ask all of you to join me in opposing this based on the principles of a Laissez-faire free market. At an ever increasing pace, government is subsidizing the "proletariat 99%" as well as the corporations (1%). Time to draw a line in the sand! In the words of, if you'll indulge my nerdom for a moment, Jean Luc Piccard "The line must be drawn here! This far! No farther!"
It is not the place of Government, in the American, free market system, to create jobs and pick winners and losers. If we approve this (TIF) we will be doing just that. As public officials, we either believe in free markets, or we don't.  Our votes tonight will reflect what we believe.
 The final vote was 6-2-1 in favor. Heid, Earnshaw, Bacher, Sandy Rhodes, Fuller, and Ballard voting for the TIF. Lynn Donches and myself were the lone votes in opposition. Director Mike Policano abstained.

If there is still hope to stop this Government intrusion into the free market, it is in the hands of the Lehigh County Board of Commissioners.

C.E.P.T.A. Candidate Night - Tuesday May 14th‏

Received this via email while at the board meeting tonight

Free and Open to the Public

- Tuesday, May14th, 2013
- Fire Company #1, corner of 6th and Broad St., Emmaus
- doors open at 7 PM, meeting starts at 7:30 PM and goes till ~ 9:30
- Giovanni Landi and John Zettlemoyer
- East Penn School Board directors, Lehigh County Commissioners and Executives, Mayors, Municipal Councils, Magistrates and Tax collectors. Over 30 Candidates in all

The primary election will take place on Tuesday, May 21st, which is just around the corner. Sometimes referred to as an "off year" election due to the fact that there aren't any Presidential or Congressional candidates on the ballot, however this election is important since there are many local positions up for election. This election will have a big impact on your County, School and Local taxes as well as education and quality of life. The primary races could actually be more important than the general elections. The primaries have the most candidates with differing viewpoints vying for the same positions thereby offering you a true choice for your vote. So come out and find out what the differences are, listen to their platforms and ask your questions so you can cast an informed vote for the candidates of your choice.

We are pleased to host and provide this public information platform for you, and look forward to seeing you there. Please invite everyone you know to come out and join us.

Yours truly will be attending as a candidate and concerned citizen!

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Meeting Agenda Items and Planned Votes for 5-13-2013

1.) Call to Order; Pledge of Allegiance

2.) Requests to Address the Board

3.) Approval of Minutes- I plan to vote in favor of this item

4.) Zazo Scholarship and Grant

5.) Tax Increment Financing- Hamilton Crossings
   1.) A Resolution of the East Penn Board of School Directors Providing for the Participation by the East Penn School District in a Tax Increment District for Hamilton Crossings, and For the Taking of all Related Actions
Whereas, the Tax Increment Financing Act, 53 P.S. 6930.1 et seq., ("TIF Act"), grants powers to industrial and commercial development authorities and redevelopment authorities to address conditions of blight and inadequate planning and development of urban communities; and

Whereas, the TIF Act also provides authority for local taxing bodies to cooperate in providing financing for redevelopment of areas in their jurisdictions which will generate new development and improve the tax base; and

Whereas, pursuant to the TIF Act, the Lehigh County Industrial Development Authority ("LCIDA") has prepared and presented a plan for the creation of a tax increment district in Lower Macungie Township, within the East Penn School District ("School District"), for the area known as Hamilton Crossings, more particularly described in Exhibit "A" attached hereto ("Hamilton Crossings TIF District"), and

Whereas, in accordance with the TIF Act, the Board of Directors of the School District Designated Dr. Thomas Seidenberger and Dr. Kenneth Bacher as the representatives for the School District ("School District Representatives") to meet with LCIDA to discuss the Hamilton Crossings TIF District and the plans for the redevelopment thereof and the tax increment financing therefore; and

Whereas, as required by the TIF Act, the LCIDA and the School District representatives have met and discussed the creation of the Hamilton Crossings TIF District, the boundaries, the plan for redevelopment and financing thereof, and other matters set forth in Section 5 of the TIF Act, 53 PS 6903.5; and

Whereas, after such discussions, and after formal presentation on May 13, 2013, the Board of Directors of the School District have determined to Participate in the Hamilton Crossings TIF District and to allocate 50% of the positive tax increments of the School District to the financing of the redevelopment of the Hamilton Crossings TIF District; and

Whereas, the School District desires, by this Resolution, to participate in the Hamilton Crossings TIF District as hereinabove set forth and to authorize such actions as are necessary and appropriate to effectuate the purpose thereof.

Now, therefore be it resolved by the Board of Directors of the East Penn School District as follows:

     1.) The aforementioned recitals are incorporated herein as full as though the same were set forth at length.
     2.) The School District agrees to participate in the Hamilton Crossings TIF District and to allocate 50% of the School District's tax increment as defined in the TIF Act, to finance the redevelopment thereof.
     3.) Notwithstanding anything contained herein to the contrary, the School District's election to participate in the Hamilton Crossings TIF District shall not, in any way, be deemed a pledge of the credit or taxing power of the School District, nor shall such participation obligate or make the School District liable for the payment of principal of, or interest on, any bonds issued by the LCIDA in connection with the tax increment financing.
     4.) The proper School District officials are authorized on behalf of the School District to take such actions and to execute and deliver such documents as may be appropriate for the implementation of the Hamilton Crossings TIF District consistent with this Resolution, including, but not by way of limitation, a Cooperation Agreement among the LCIDA, Lehigh County, Lower Macungie Township, and the School District, in form and substance consistent herewith and satisfactory to the School District Representatives with the advice of counsel.
     5.) The Secretary of the Board of Directors of the East Penn School District is hereby authorized and directed to cause a copy of this Resolution to be delivered to the Board of Commissioners of lower Macungie Township promptly after adoption hereof, but in no event later than the date on which said Board of Commissioners holds the public hearing on the Hamilton Crossings TIF District as required by the TIF Act.
     6.) All resolutions or parts thereof inconsistent herewith are hereby repealed to the extent of any such inconsistency.
     7.) This resolution shall become effective immediately upon adotion this 13th day of May, 2013.
I will NOT be supporting this item. I have opposed a TIF from the very beginning. Effectively, we will be allowing a private business to put 50% of their tax payment towards infrastructure development for this proposed location. Not only are they asking for special privileges not afforded to the individual citizen, they mandated that all TIF Committee meetings be held behind closed doors. All of that said, I know this item will pass, likely by a 6-3 or 7-2 vote. Given that all but one member of the board is a registered Republican, I find this to be a disgrace to the party of which I am a member. While the Democrats spread socialism through increasing welfare and pandering to public employee unions, Republicans spread it by corporate welfare. We need to be consistent, have every taxpayer, be it a business, big business, or Joe Homeowner play by the same rules. We either believe in free markets, or we don't!

6.) 2013-14 Proposed Final Budget Adoption for East Penn School District- For the first time in my 6 or so years as a School Board director, I am inclined to support this motion. However, I believe a zero percent increase is good, but we can do better! Possible spending cuts that I'd like to see voted on (though perhaps not at this meeting) should be cuts to administration (10% across the board would be a good start) and a cut back in spending on "Purchased Professional Services". 

7.) Report of the Superintendent
   1.) District Update
   2.) Personnel- I plan on voting in favor of this item.
   3.) 2013 List of Emmaus HS Graduates- I will be voting in favor of this item. Congratulations soon-to be graduates!

8.) Facilities Accept PPL Poles and Approve Agreement- I plan to vote in favor of this item

9.) Business Operations
  1.) Bill List Approval- I plan on abstaining on this item until Ms. Donches receives the information she feels she requires
   2.) Treasurer's Report- I plan to vote in favor of this item
   3.) Appointment of Treasurer- I tentatively plan to vote in favor of this item
   4.) Appointment of Board Secretary- With respect to Ms. Birdsell, I feel approving a 4 year term contract is not in the best interests of the taxpayers. I enjoy working with Ceil and she works hard. I would prefer to see a 2 year contract or, to be consistent with item 9.3, I would like it to be a year to year contract renewal.
   5.) Designation of 2013-14 Depositories- I plan to vote in favor of this item
   6.) Authorization to participate in contracts issued by the Department of General Services for the 2013-14 year- I tentatively plan on voting in favor of this item
   7.) Authorization to participate in joint purchasing for 2013-14 year- I tentatively plan on voting in favor of this item
   8.) Record of Investments- I plan to vote in favor of this item
   9.) Parental/Guardian Transportation Contract- I will vote in favor of this item
10.) Announcements

11.) Adjourn            

ZOMG! Julian Stolz Has Herpes!

If my political enemies didn't exist, I'd have to create them just exactly as they are.

Apparently getting a cold sore is a major scandal to my stalker blog.

About a week ago, I started getting a dreaded cold sore...and tweeted about it.

This is not a new development or a result of scandalous living. I've gotten the things since I was a baby and, without fail, would manage to get one for every "Picture day" throughout middle school and high school. Always ended up having to go to picture retake day...fond memories.

Sure, Anna/Kevin. Keep blogging about the really important things, like me getting a cold sore.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Benghazi SHOULD Matter, but it Probably Won't

This is the level of interest the MSM has in oversight of the Obama Administration.

If the mainstream media had a fraction of the interest in holding President Obama accountable that they did in oversight of the George W. Bush administration, Obama would have been impeached years ago.

CSPAN didn't even cover the Benghazi Congressional hearings (ok, CSPAN 3 did...)

If whistle-blowers reveal that the Obama Administration and Hillary Clinton withheld military support from our embassy while it was under attack, and the MSM doesn't cover it or, openly mocks it, did it really happen?

It was once related to me that a certain well known Conservatarian activist has a rule "If it's not on blogs, I don't read it." They may have a point.

How poor a job does the media do of informing the American public?

42% of Americans don't know that Obamacare is the law of the land.

Most Americans believe gun violence is on the rise in America. Hint: It isn't.

The media lionizes a 2nd rate athlete because he had the "courage" to come out as being gay. Really? That's what we're focusing on as a nation? Of course, as long as people don't praise Tim Tebow for expressing his Christian faith...

Most people believe Sarah Palin said she can "see Russia from her house". She didn't. Tina Fey did while lampooning Governor Palin on Saturday Night live. What does the truth matter?

On September 11th, 2012, the United States embassy in Benghazi was attacked by terrorists and our Ambassador was sodomized and killed.

In sworn Congressional testimony, witness after witness revealed in gut wrenching detail the events that transpired and resulted in the deaths of Americans.

By the end of the week, more Americans will believe that Congressman-Elect Mark Sanford is leader of the Republican Party than know the truth about Benghazi.

Our media system is truly broken and Conservative social media outlets and our alternative media in Talk Radio isn't getting the job done.

A close friend said, if the Obama Administration really is actively sabotaging American interests, "what's left short of active, armed rebellion?"

Despite all the pessimism that I have that Benghazi will ever be revealed to the public-at-large as the scandal that it is, I do believe there is hope.

Libertarian mastermind billionaires, the Koch Brothers, are exploring buying up major print media outlets like the Chicago Tribune.

Yes, we Conservatives have set up our own alternative media outlets...the problem is, we've only succeeded in talking more effectively to each other. This is an important step, but we need to start going after the left on their own territory. Bless the Koch Brothers, it sounds like they're doing just that.

As Herman Cain said, I'm a Koch brother from another mother (only, ya know, without the billions of dollars).

Maybe thanks to their efforts, and those of folks like Andrew Breitbart and James O'Keefe, the next Progressive sabotage of America and her interests won't go the way of Benghazi and Fast and Furious.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

This Anti-Muslim Meme on the Right Needs to Stop Now

This is the post that got me "unfollowed" on Twitter by Adam Baldwin (aka "Jayne"). Sorry, Adam. I still don't consider Islam to be an evil religion. It's not my religion, but that doesn't make it evil.

Before all the facts were known about the terrorist attack in Boston, some people that I greatly respect were immediately blaming radical Islam for the tragedy.

I understand the impulse. There's a long list of attacks against America by Islamofacist groups but really, we should have waited for the facts to come out.

At the other end of the spectrum is the idiot who said we should "hope the Boston Marathon bomber is a white American".

As it turned out, of course, the bombers were radical Muslim terrorists.

Now, so many on "my side" of the political isle are using these despicable creatures to try to justify their own anti-Muslim bias.

It needs to stop, now.

In my ever so humble, Muslims as a group are no better or worse people than followers of any other religion. I went to school with more than a few Muslims and always found them to be good and decent people. Some are even fellow Conservatives.

There is a very real threat to America from Islamofascism and the attempted imposition of Sharia Law upon the world by radicals. If you try to usurp the Constitution with Sharia law, or anything else for that matter, you are an enemy of the America. The threat is not from the private observation of Islam by peaceful, law abiding citizens.

So, How Was Your May Day, Comrade?

I spent my May Day the good ol' fashioned American Capitalist Running Dog way...

with Big Macs...
...and guns.
                                                  Beretta PX4 Storm Subcompact 9mm

Because #FuckTheFuckingCommiesDay (HT: Stephen Kruiser)