Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Why Was Wanda-Mercado Arroyo Endorsed by the East Penn Area Republican Committee?

The candidates who attended last night's endorsement meeting of the East Penn Area Republican Committee were:

Chris Donatelli
Alan Earnshaw
Rebecca Heid
Garrett Rhoads
and Ziad W. Munson

The only candidate still in the race who did not attend was Ms. Wanda Mercado-Arroyo (she was out of state on business). So, why did she get the endorsement?

Well, there are several reasons.

1.) Everyone knows who she is
I first became aware of Wanda when she gave an electrifying speech at a McCain-Palin 2008 rally. Since then, she was elected to the Republican State Committee where she gets to network with some of the party bigwigs. That said, she's never been part of "the in crowd" and is one of the more Conservative party members. She impressed many when she ran for State Representative last year, though she did not receive the nomination.

2.) She has the credentials
Ms. Mercado-Arroyo is a businesswoman, a former teacher (non-union teacher in Texas), and the kind of very successful minority woman that the Republican Party needs to support to expand the base. In plain and simple terms, Wanda is the total package.

3.) She's part of the East Penn Reform Team
The Committee unanimously endorsed her running mates, Chris Donatelli and Garrett Rhoads. Both men gave impressive presentations and the Committee members in attendance supported what they're trying to do. It made sense to endorse the whole team.

I abstained and did not vote to endorse any candidates, but I understand why the Committee endorsed Ms. Mercado-Arroyo.

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