Monday, April 15, 2013

Why I Will Not Vote to Endorse Candidates for East Penn School Board

In addition to being an East Penn School Board Director, I'm also a Republican County Committeeman representing Emmaus District 1 (where I live). As a member of the Lehigh County Republican Committee, I am included in meetings where the committee decides whether or not to endorse candidates in the Primary. Tonight, the East Penn Area Republican Committee will be having just such a meeting.

In about an hour, the East Penn Area GOP will interview all the candidates for East Penn School Board. Very few on the committee have as big a stake as I in who wins the upcoming primary, but I will not vote to endorse and I will encourage others to join me.

Every candidate for School Board is a registered Republican. Yes, about half the candidates are a good bit more Progressive than I, but I will not support a top-down approach for my party. If we had Democrats cross-filed as Republicans, an endorsement would have its place. Every candidate on the ballot is a registered R.

Next year, Conservatives around Pennsylvania will be fit to be tied when the Pennsylvania Republican State Committee votes to endorse Tom Corbett over whomever runs against him in the Primary. We will be right to call this an abuse of State Party power and money. I will not be a hypocrite and support the same thing at the local level. I trust the voters, not the party bosses, to decide who the Republican nominees ought to be.

Conservatives must be consistent, not rail against endorsements when we're not in power and use them to our advantage when we are. We must practice what we preach.

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