Sunday, April 7, 2013

Who Is Kevin Chang?

In numerous posts since this Twittergate "Scandal" broke, a gentleman (and I use that term loosely) calling himself Kevin Chang has been assailing me and calling for my resignation from his online HQ at Emmaus Patch. Curiously, "Mr. Chang" only joined Patch on March 29th when he began commenting on a parent's request that I resign from the School Board over some tweets (we'll get to those later... but they're all still there so feel free to go to my twitter account and be outraged...or supportive depending on your ideology).

His accusations range from calling me a sexist and a racist (again, I'll address all of those accusations in later posts. You can examine the evidence and decide for yourself. I'm being 100% transparent here!) to saying I'm not a "real man" or I'd resign.

This decidedly far-east view of honour is the only thing about his postings that make me think Kevin Chang might be his actual name. I did a quick Whitepages search of people in the Emmaus area named "Kevin Chang" and no residents in the East Penn School District appeared. Curiouser and curiouser...

I think it's only fair that we examine just what kind of man Mr. Chang is in return since he has decided to make himself such a public person in his attacks on yours truly.

First, Kevin decided he would try to intimidate me by saying he would report my comments to Teavana (where I currently am employed as a sales associate. Come to the LV Mall and say hi sometime! I'll make you a a nice cup of tea.) and attempt to get me fired for being such a hateful, racist, person.

Going after me politically is fair game, but trying to get me fired falls under the category of civil harassment. Guess he got the gist when I called him out on Twitter, because the threats to my employment stopped.

It's all well and good for him to say I'm not a "real man" (anyone who ever saw me sing show-tunes down the hallways in High School has had questions about that for years anyway) but what sort of man talks about the daughter of a private citizen when he's attacking a public official? Apparently Kevin Chang is just such a man!
Think this guy might be just a little unstable?

Well, what can we expect from someone who believes in no higher power other than themselves and calls followers of all organized religions "sheep".
Kevin Chang has vowed that, the next time I run for office, be it re election to the School Board or something else, he'll campaign against me and donate to my opponents. Well, "Mr. Chang" if men like you are the measure of my opposition, I consider it a battle worth fighting. Win, lose or draw, our community will know what sort of men we both are, and I'm comfortable with that.

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