Monday, April 22, 2013

Surprise! There Will (Likely) be No Tax Hike in East Penn This Year!

During his administrative update tonight, Dr. Seidenberger dropped what will probably be viewed as a bombshell: There will be no tax increase in this year's budget.

He did hedge just the slightest bit saying that there could be surprises in the state budget etc.

I predicted this months ago (later, I'll scour my twitter account for proof...I think I tweeted this at some point. If not, you'll just have to take my word for it).

We didn't NEED a tax increase last year. Ms. Donches and I both said as much and provided several budget alternatives. Surprise surprise, we ended up with $3 million extra...just as Lynn and I said we would. I do love a good I told you so!

I'm thrilled at this development and I thanked Tom for giving me a budget I could finally vote for...but let's not pretend this is anything more than a political move by the administration to try to save its bobblehead majority on the board.

Just as the Teacher's Union took a pay freeze before the election 2 years ago to try to stop a Conservative slate from winning, the administration is now coming in with a zero budget to influence this year's election.

Not to worry, a zero tax increase budget is a good start but I plan to look for further cuts to propose in order to give taxpayers a tax cut budget. Something they haven't had in roughly 2 decades.

My first suggestion? A 10 percent cut in the administrative budget.

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