Sunday, April 28, 2013

Sarah Palin AGAIN Speaks Truth to Power (and Also Quotes Tony Stark/Ironman)

  (Check at the 5:53 second mark...or just watch the whole thing in prep for Iron Man 3 coming out!)

During the early days of Twittergate, I was compared to Sarah Palin by someone who meant it as an insult. Of course, I didn't take it as one. The comparison is flattering but I'm nowhere near so attractive. She also has far more guns and I imagine is a much better shot.

I've been a Palinista since her days as mayor of Wasilla, a small town in Alaska not so different from my hometown of Emmaus. She has common sense, speaks her mind, and doesn't give a damn what  people think of her. If she had not been picked for VP, I very likely wouldn't have wasted my vote for McRINO in 2008.

She drives the left crazy(er) and she knows it. Say what you want about her. If Sarah so much as tweets, she influences the public discourse.

She has a way of distilling the debate down to a common level that anyone can understand. "Death panels" is a pretty good example.

Now? #DCAssclowns

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