Thursday, April 18, 2013

No Resolution to Censure on 4-22-2013 Agenda

Four parents asked for my censure or resignation at the 4-08 meeting of the East Penn School Board.

Hillary Smith, whose twitter handle is "MacungieDems" called my statements "vile", as well as "sexist", and all other manner of typical Progressive smears against Conservatives. Curiously, she herself "protects" her tweets to conceal them from the public. Disagree with me all you want, at least my tweets are out there for everyone to judge.

Claire Kowalchik asked the board to draft a resolution of censure me. Ms. Kowalchik is a regular attendee of East Penn School Board meetings. She previously spoke in favour of books with strong adult content remaining on the required summer reading list for 13-16 year olds. Freedom of speech for me but not for thee it would seem. Ms. Kowalchik, has also said that she will not support any school board director who doesn't vote to raise taxes.

A third speaker spent half her time attacking me and half speaking out on behalf of one of our Unions.

Yes, absolutely impartial, concerned parents.

I will concede, I do need to be more careful with what I say in the public domain. I am a candidate and an elected official and I should be held to a higher standard. That said, I am glad my fellow board members, even those who disagree with me on a regular basis, decided not to join this blatantly political bit of character assassination. It speaks highly of their respect for the 1st Amendment.

Informational Note: A resolution of censure by the board would have absolutely no effect other than acting as a symbolic slap on the wrist. Given my usual, adversarial position to the majority on the board, they might well have to censure me on a weekly basis!

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