Monday, April 8, 2013

Meeting Update or "So, other than that, how did you enjoy the play, Mrs. Lincoln"

(Think that title will give a few people aneurysms?)

All kidding aside, there were only 4 people who showed up calling for my head. One of them was MacungieDems (Twitter and Patch), one was a citizen who has, in the past, vowed to oppose any School Board Director who votes against tax hikes, one was an African American gentleman who seemed to misunderstand my remarks and offered to "Re-educate me", and one spent half her time speaking up on behalf of a Union. Hmm...pretty transparent agenda of those folks, no? I do plan on meeting with the gentleman who, I believe, may have misunderstood what I said and meant. His comments about difficulties with the school system actually seemed to mirror some of my contentions about public schools.

For me, the most telling parts of the meeting were as follows-

Dr. Thomas Seidenberger, when questioned about Common Core by Ms. Donches, made the somewhat shocking remark that East Penn Curricula is already, for the most part, in line with "Common Core" standards. Yikes... This is going to require further examination. I imagine the Lehigh Valley Tea Party may be interested to learn of this information.

There is still no Willow Lane Transportation Parental Advisory committee and the administration did not address this issue at all in public comment. I will be submitting a resolution to deal with this in the next week or so. I'll post the resolution here when I do!

Other than that, the only item of note was Ms. Donches, at my suggestion, withdrew her resolution to bid out all professional services. I think it's still an idea worth looking at, but the resolution needs to be reworked with more specifics.

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