Friday, April 5, 2013

Meeting Agenda Items and Planned Votes for 4-8-2013

1.) Call to Order; Pledge of Allegiance

2.) Award Presentations
3.) Requests to Address the Board

4.) Approval of Minutes- I will be voting in favor of this item.

5.) Adoption of the Lehigh Carbon Community College Capital and Operating Budget As someone who benefited from LCCC classes, I will be voting in favor. It's great that we have such a valuable resource available to our region!

 6.) Report of the Superintendent of Schools
      1.) District Update
      2.) Personnel I plan to vote in favor of this item.

7.) Legislative

8.) TIF Committee While no vote is being taken at this stage, I continue to oppose the concept of Tax Increment Financing. For far too long, Government has given private business special privileges not afforded to the common citizen. Government involving itself in the affairs of business is nothing less than socialistic in nature.

9.) Business Operations
      1.) Bill List Until Ms. Donches receives the information she has asked for, I will continue to join her in abstaining on this vote.
      2.) Budget TransfersI plan to vote in favor of this item.
      3.) Record of Investments I plan to vote in favor of this item.
      4.) Disbursement of Funds I plan to vote in favor of this item.
      5.) PLANCON PART K- Informational item only.
      6.) RESOLVED, That the East Penn Board of School Directors (sic) bid out all the professional services This item was proposed by Ms. Donches and seconded by me at the last board meeting. I will be supporting this as our professional services have not been bid out since I have been on the Board (6 years). It's something we should take a look at.

10.) Announcements

11.) Adjourn  

It has been brought to my attention that the Willow Lane Transportation Parental Advisory Committee has yet to meet or be formed. This is HIGHLY disturbing to me. The administration and their supporters on the Board have continued to hurtle toward ending busing for Willow Lane students who live .75 miles or closer to the school without first getting input from a parental committee. This is a major move and to make it without the consent of the people closest to it invites folly. Regardless of what the bureaucrats at PENNDOT say, Willow and Saurkraut lane are major, busy, arteries in the fastest growing region in the Lehigh Valley. I'm not wholly opposed to changing the busing situation, but I will oppose it until the plan gains the confidence of the parents whose children will be effected. Depending on what I hear through the course of the meeting, I may reintroduce my resolution for the district to form a joint committee with Lower Macungie Township

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