Wednesday, April 24, 2013

LMT Commissioner Candidate Ron Beitler Issues a Rebuttal Re: An Email from a Lower Macungie Republican

Yesterday, I posted an email from Josh Cesare, a Lower Macungie Township resident and registered Republican on the race for Lower Macungie Township Commissioner's race. I received the following rebuttal from Ron Beitler, one of the 2 candidates Mr. Cesare criticized in his email:

Julian, respectfully if you or anyone is interested in things I've said... ya THIS decade as opposed to an idealistic college student nearly 10 years ago there is a whole host of material on my blog at

I'm sure you can cherry pick things there to show I'm a moderate/independent. That's a label I wear proudly and in fact open conversations with when I'm door knocking. The cherry picking is obnoxious. You of all people should know better then anyone else how unfair that is.... 

Yup, supported Slattery because he's a friend of mine and I preferred a local person. I cover that on my patch blog. After Slattery dropped I supported Mackenzie because I viewed Reynard as a one issue candidate and I appreciated Mackenzie's work on entitlement reform. If you would like to see more of my thoughts on entitlement reform one of the national issues I am most passionate about I'd be happy to send you emails I wrote to Doug Reichley's office 4 years ago on multiple occasions.

But back to this, since it looks like Conrad has successfully taken the focus off township issues... as I'm guessing he's motivated to flex his political campaign muscles to the would be King makers of the County Party by literally carrying the two people I am focused on removing Eichenberg and Reis on his back I guess I'll have to devote time to talking about this nonsense. So win for him I guess?

As far as my (R) credentials if it comes up tomorrow I'd be happy to challenge any of the incumbents to take the project smart vote political courage test.

For voters who tie their hands behind their backs and vote locally on broad national issues sure, I'll win some and I'll lose some but I'm willing to do that. The results of the test would show:

I'm pro life and fiercely states rights (my basis for opposing Obamacare) and a physically secure the border but leave the door open for children of illegals who are here through no fault of their own kinda guy....But I'm also a Toomey approach to Gun Control and an environmentalist. So go figure. 

In some ways I know for a fact I'm more conservative then the incumbents. I'm wondering if Conrad is willing to commit in writing to his position on broad national issues. I'm thinking no, since he has his sights on higher office and being the strategist he is wouldn't want to pigeon hole himself. I the other hand, don't care since I have no desire to run for anything except township commissioner. 

If they want to make it about party affiliation and views on national issues that's fine with me but lets show ALL our cards. Total disclosure. I think you can appreciate that Julian.

Ron Beitler 4 LMT
Vote Higgins & Beitler on May 21st.

In the interest of fairness, I thought I'd share Mr. Beitler's email with my readers. I like Ron. I frequently disagree with him, but his heart is usually in the right place. The whole race for LMT Commissioner is a mess.

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