Monday, April 8, 2013

I've Got Me a Stalker!

The Patch poster calling herself "Anna Karina" has launched a competing blog which "she" is also dubbing "The Stolz Report". Perhaps I should have copyrighted the name...

Anyway, the Union Sock puppet who must have failed literature class has resorted to the uber-creepy tactic of stalking me at my place of employment and taking pictures. I do hope the East Penn Education Association is paying her well for her work...
                                                       At least she caught my good side!

I will be reporting this bit of stalking to the authorities. Two words: Civil harassment

In her post she goes on to wonder " Where does he live? How does he support himself? Why is he in a position to affect your children’s futures?"

Where I live is a matter of public record. I had to file that information with the school district, the county, and with the borough when I declared my candidacy for Mayor. That said, if this stalker shows up at my home, I have two more words: Castle Doctrine (and I tweeted as much earlier)

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  1. Julian your out of line bringing up the Castle Doctrine with regards to this person "Anna", what if she just wanted to show up at your door and tell you what an asshole you are face to face?


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