Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Incumbents Alan Earnshaw and Rebecca Heid Receive Zero Votes for Endorsement by the East Penn Area Republican Committee

Incumbents Alan Earnshaw and Rebecca Heid both attended and spoke at last night's meeting of the East Penn Area Republican Committee.

They received zero votes for their trouble.

Alan Earnshaw has been on the board for 12 years now and voted to raise taxes every year for the last decade. He presents and speaks very well, but clearly the committee is no longer buying what he was selling.

When he ran 4 years ago, he did not seek or receive the committee's endorsement.

Rebecca Heid was endorsed by the committee 4 years ago when she ran on a reform slate with Mike Policano, Giovanni Landi, and Jennifer Bandle. Mike and Rebecca won, but have since taken very different directions with their votes.

Mr. Policano has been a relatively reliable conservative, much in the mould of former East Penn School Director Elaine Gannon. He does not always vote with me but he usually does.

Rebecca has gone to her roots as a teacher and joined the administration rubber-stamp wing of Alan Earnshaw and Francee Fuller. She has voted for tax increases during the last 2 years of her term.

Although she claimed to be running "totally independently" last night, she's on a Teacher's Union/"Citizens for Strong Communities" endorsed slate with Alan Earnshaw and Dr. Munson.

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