Sunday, April 7, 2013

Did I REALLY Call Your Children "Crotchfruit"? (and other various absurdities)

The above image, depicting a number of my tweets, is being distributed by the "Citizens for Strong Communities", a front group for the East Penn area Public Sector Unions led by twice-failed State House candidate, Patrick Slanderou...erm...Slattery.

Let me just get this out of the way right now. Yes. I tweeted every one of those things (or retweeted or responded to). This isn't faked. All of the tweets can STILL be seen on my Twitter account if you're inclined to go back and look. I'm not ashamed of them and I'm not trying to hide from what I said, however, since Twitter only allows 140 characters, I'm going to "revise and extend" my remarks.

Let's take them one at a time:

On the 8th of March, Conservative Provocateur Todd Kincannon said "There's nothing racist about liking Asian vagina. I also like white and black vagina."

...anyone really disagree with that?

In any case, I "quote" tweeted in response with the hashtag #OppositionResearchTweet (almost like I KNEW this would be taken out of context later on...) "Amen!" Heck, I concur, there's nothing racist about it. By the way, I'd like to congratulate Todd on his recent marriage.

I suppose the argument could be made that it's inappropriate for an elected official to acknowledge human sexuality... I'm an unwed 25 year old male...not acknowledging it would likely be age inappropriate.

Various charges of sexism have been leveled in my direction. To those considering it sexist, I posit the following. If Todd had used the word "penis" instead of "vagina" and I had said "Amen!" would you be calling me a sexist or a heroic advocate for same-sex relationship rights?

Then again, apparently the President calling a woman "attractive" is sexist in this day and age. Some "Brave New World", this...

In the next tweet, I said that "in fairness, College (especially the Ivy League) is more damaging to our culture than government schools."

Not sure what's so outrageous about this. If you're a Republican, odds are you probably agree with me, but in case you're not, let me provide some examples of what I'm talking about.

 "A Florida Atlantic University student said he was punished after he refused a professor’s directive to stomp on a piece of paper with the word “Jesus” written on it. The university, meanwhile, is defending the assignment as a lesson in debate."

 "The Harvard Crimson published an editorial urging conservatives not to apply to Harvard if they intend to criticize the university..."

"It has been said that the students and faculty of Harvard University are America’s “best and brightest.” This month they prove this axiom to be mythological as they once again launch their annual “incest-fest” party where residents of the famed Kirkland House spend the day trying to have sex with as many house members as they can."

Next tweet, and this is the one that sparked calls for my resignation, Todd Kincannon (Again!) said “There is nothing more brain rotting than public schools. God I pity the proletariat for having to send their inferior crotchfruit to them.”
I responded “as a School Board director, I wish I could disagree. As a sentient being, I cannot.”

I don't love Todd's language. I've taken it up with him in the past, but he was making a valid point. Public school in this country are wretched, brain rotting, institutions where conservatives are ostracized.

If you disagree that public schools in this country suck, please, stop reading now and vote against me every chance you get. I consider having you as my opposition to be a badge of honour.

I did NOT call the good children of the East Penn School district "crotchfruit". I don't know that most parents in the East Penn School District could rightfully be called members of the Proletariat either. We have defacto Private Schools in East Penn (so does Parkland and other gentrified, suburban districts). The high cost of living here in the first place keeps the real "proletariat" from even moving here. A decade of ever increasing taxes don't help.

Instead, they are stuck in failing urban centres like Allentown, Philadelphia, etc. This is why the State Legislature needs to pass real school choice reform now...but I digress.

Next tweet-out-of-contents says "I vote Republican because women have too many rights. #ShitNoOneSays" For the uninitiated to Twitter, I'll concede, that looks pretty bad. 'Course, the hashtage #ShitNoOneSays is an indicator for sarcasm. I guess Patrick Slattery, Eric Tremmel, and other pro Union activists can't let the truth get in the way of a good faux campaign issue.

Finally, on the 30th of November, I tweeted "If 'the children are our future' we be screwed." Though I don't recall the context, I suspect I was reflecting on the youth vote from the 2012 Presidential election where Barack Obama captured 60+ percent of the 18-29 vote... If this trend continues, indeed "we be screwed". Unemployment among my peers is over 11%...and a majority of us voted for 4 more years of it!

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