Thursday, April 4, 2013

Citizens of the East Penn School District, I am sorry.

I'd have liked to deliver my apology via web video, but due to some technical issues, I am unable to record it in a timely fashion and I owe it to my constituents to not hold back on a public statement any longer. 

 If the comment section of Emmaus Patch is any indication, there is quite an uproar over some of the tweets I acknowledged and things I said on my twitter account and I feel it is time I make a statement and time for me to apologize.

First, I'd like to apologize to the candidates who are now going to get smeared and slandered for my comments. Contrary to what activists Patrick Slattery, Eric Tremmel, and the so-called "Citizens for Strong Communities" will tell you over the next 7 weeks, I am not endorsing or working for any candidates for East Penn School Board this year. That includes Mr. Rhoads, with whom I ran 2 years ago. I can assure you, if I were running for re election this year, we would not be running on the same team.

 I am sorry that operatives who have no issue with East Penn Teacher and Union President Sue Arnold calling for Eric Cantor to get his manhood bitten off and for Congresswoman Bachmann to be executed like Col. Gaddafi ( are now going to attempt to make an issue of my online comments to distract from their candidates running just to serve as bobbleheads for the unions and the administration. I am sorry that such a disservice is being done to the voters of the East Penn School District. They deserve better than another campaign based on "Weapons of Mass Distraction".

 I am sorry that Patricians pretending to be indignant members of the Proletariat are calling "unskilled retail" workers and those without college degrees everywhere unfit to hold public office (unless of course, they subscribe to their "enlightened" view of the role of government).

I am sorry that once again, decent, upstanding, private citizens like Otto Slozer and John Donches, who have given their heart and soul to a community they dearly and sincerely love, are going to be used as bogeymen by those who are only working to protect the interests of Public Sector Unions. Otto and John are not my handlers nor do they pull my strings. They do not control me and I do not vote in lock step with their wishes. However, I am proud to call those gentlemen my friends! They deserve far more respect than the Union leaders who demand the taxpayers give more and more of their hard earned money every year under the auspices of it being "for the children."

 I am sorry I cannot simply be a good politician, keep my head down, apologize, and make the smart PR move by just letting this blow over. I would rather speak the truth, speak my heart, and let my opponents accuse me of having a "meltdown" than cowtow to these vapid, truculent little thugs who call themselves pretty sounding names like "Progressive" in order to hide their repugnant, anti-liberty agenda.

 I am sorry to the Republican Party for any blowback it may receive as a result of this controversy. While I am a registered Republican, I am ideologically a Constitutional-Libertarian. I do not have any great love for the Republican Party which seems more afraid of great Conservative Patriots like Sarah Palin and the Koch Brothers than of the Radical left-wing Marxist agenda of the man currently engaged in Occupy Resolute Desk. I am a Republican because that is the major party closest to being aligned with my beliefs.

 Finally, I am sorry, but I am not going to resign. It is my duty as a duly elected board member to stand up and represent loudly and proudly the interests of my constituents.

 I am only a man, and like all men, I am flawed. I have said some off-colour, offensive things. To those in our community who were offended by the things I have said, not by my ideology, to you I apologize, from the bottom of my heart. I humbly offer my repentance and ask for your forgiveness. I will be more circumspect in how I say things going forward. As your public servant, I owe you that, but I will never apologize for my beliefs or ideology.

Thank you.

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