Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Candidate for East Penn School Board, Dr. Ziad W. Munson: "I voted for Barack Obama"

Lehigh University Professor and Emmaus Resident Ziad W. Munson was one of 5 candidates to speak to the East Penn Area Republican Committee last night (more on the meeting itself later). I give the man credit, a University of Chicago and Harvard educated candidate speaking to a gathering of Republicans takes, in the words of Vice President Joe Biden, balls the size of cue balls.

I introduced myself to Dr. Munson before the meeting began. He's affable, unassuming, and very likable. He seemed surprised that I even knew who he was. I will say, he did have the "oh YOU'RE Julian Stolz" look that I often get. I told him I recognized him from his website and even ribbed him a little about having an Obama-esque educational background but I informed him that I would not be supporting the committee making an endorsement.

He originally hails from Minnesota where there is no political registration by party and he was surprised that the committee was even considering an endorsement.

During his presentation to the committee, he said that we needed to negotiate a contract that was more beneficial to East Penn Teachers (who make an average salary of $67,000 a year before you even begin to take benefits into account) and stop treating them like wage-laborers in a factory...

Wow. Talk about out of touch!

I asked him if he found it acceptable that the East Penn School District deducts dues on behalf of the Teacher's Union. He said it was a matter of State law. I corrected him. It is not. We can negotiate that in or out of the contract.

One Emmaus resident in the audience voiced concerned about his Professorial background and inquired about his political ideology. He sort of dodged the question and said that, since he had lived in Pennsylvania, he was a registered independent for 8 years and a registered Republican for the last 2.

Fair enough.

A Committeeman asked who he supported in the 2012 Presidential election.

Dr. Munson replied "I supported Barack Obama."

You could have heard a pin drop. If ever there was a chance of him gaining the endorsement of the Committee, it went out the door at that moment.

Still, credit where it's due. He was honest with the Committee and I think that was incredibly honourable.

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