Tuesday, April 23, 2013

An Email From a Lower Macungie Republican

When I got home last night, I received an email from Lower Macungie Township resident (and registered Republican) Josh Cesare on the race for LMT Commissioner. I have a good many thoughts on this race myself and I will opine in the not-too-distant future. I asked Josh if he had any objection to me posting his email here and he replied that he did not. This email is not edited by me in any way though in the interest of transparency, I must confess I generally agree with the content.

Dear Fellow Lower Macungie Republicans,

As you know, there is a competitive election in the Republican primary for Lower Macungie Township Commissioner on May 21. Five Republicans are running for three seats. The incumbent candidates include Ryan Conrad, Ron Eichenberg and Roger Reis. The other candidates are Ron Beitler and Brian Higgins. Although I understand the East Penn Republican Committee is not making endorsements in the race, I wanted to bring to your attention some important facts concerning two of the candidates for your consideration.
Specifically, I want you to know that candidates Beitler and Higgins are life-long Democrats who’ve recently turned Republican to try and get elected in Lower Macungie. As a loyal Republican, I personally welcome when Democrats join the Republican Party for the right reasons. But, I do have serious concern when Democrats switch parties and put an “R” behind their name not because they believe in the Republican Party principles, but because they are opportunistic and want to try and win an election. All you have to do is look at the facts behind these two candidates to better understand they aren’t really interested in the Republican Party principles of limited government, fiscal responsibility, and respect for our founding principles.
Higgins ran as a Democrat for East Penn School Board in 2011 and lost his election. On the Lower Macungie Patch, he said he would support a tax increases if he were elected to the School Board. He also wouldn’t sign a ‘no tax hike’ pledge. The other candidate, Beitler, headed up the Young Democrats in college where he was quoted as calling America “the bully of the world.” He’s even publicly supported Democrats like Patrick Slattery who lost to Republican Representative Ryan Mackenzie last year.
I recently learned that Democrat Bill Hansell, Lehigh County Executive, is hosting an event at his home for these two candidates. Would real Republicans participate in a reception hosted by a big-time Democrat heading into the primary?
These aren’t opinions, these are fact. And, as real Republicans in Lower Macungie we owe it to our fellow Republican voters to expose who these candidates are and what they really stand for. I’ll be supporting real Republicans, like Ryan Conrad, with a demonstrated record of being involved with the Republican Party and subscribing to the Party’s principles. I encourage you to do the same.
Josh Cesare
Lower Macungie Republican

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