Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Alecia Weaver and Michael Moxley Withdraw From Race for East Penn School Board

It was announced at last night's endorsement meeting that Alecia Weaver and Michael Moxley have withdrawn from the race for East Penn School Board.

This leaves 6 remaining candidates:
Incumbent Alan Earnshaw
Incumbent Rebecca Heid
Garrett Rhoads
Dr. Ziad W. Munson
Wanda Mercado-Arroyo
Chris Donatelli

I went to high school with Alecia and would have supported her in a second. I don't remember her ever being very political. I could not tell you what her ideology is but I know she was a good student and her heart is in the right place. I hope she will consider public service in the future. She has a lot to offer the community. Contrary to what the Morning Call reported, she is a registered Republican.

Mr. Moxley ran 4 years ago in a field with nearly a dozen candidates. He was backed by the "Citizens for Strong Communities" until he spoke in favour of school choice and against the 2009 tax increase at a candidates night. Seems Mr. Moxley was too conservative for their tastes. I always liked him. I've met with him on a few occasions and would strongly have considered giving him my vote this time around.

Since both candidates dropped out after the deadline to remove their name from the ballot before the Primary, their names will appear on the May 21st candidates list. Both have said they are not seeking votes or support

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