Tuesday, April 16, 2013

A Word on the Tragedy in Boston

"Is anyone else sick of this shit?" so said late night personality Craig Ferguson in his monologue last night. I could not have said it better.

No, I'm not talking about the despicable act of terror that was committed against innocent civilians.

I'm talking about the obscene politicization of this attack by both sides. People that I greatly respect, indeed, people that should know better are using this to attack their political enemies on the other side of the aisle.

Stop it. Now.

One of the great miracles of 9/11 was the national unity that existed for, oh, 45 seconds afterwards. It didn't last long, but it happened.

People helped their neighbors, held doors, hugged their children, and became just a little more loving and courteous...even in New York!

In short, once again we became the United States of America. We became the best of what we are.

By all means, attack your political opponents on issues that matter. Call out the Progressives for being anti Liberty, attack Republicans for being pro Corporate welfare. Do all that.

Don't make an argument about whether this horrific act was perpetrated by a Tea Partier or by a Muslim. We'll know the truth soon enough.

Don't attack the President because he didn't use the word "Terrorism" fast enough.

Don't use this to make some stupid argument for or against gun control.

Let's come together. Let's be a little kinder to one another. Smile at someone walking down the other side of the street and give them a little nod. Call someone and tell them you love them.

We'll find whomever is responsible and they will be brought to justice. I have full faith in that.

Let's not use an act of hate to spread more hate against our fellow man.

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